Anandtech: ATi/AMD 7970 review - The John Carmack's Gpu for Rage

John Carmack’s id Software may not be the engine licensing powerhouse it was back in the Quake 3 days, but that hasn’t changed the revolutionary nature of his engine designs. The reason we bring this up is because there’s a great deal of GPU technology that can be directly mapped to concepts Carmack first implemented. For id Tech 4 Carmack implemented shadow volume technology, which was then first implemented in hardware by NVIDIA as their UltraShadow technology, and has since then been implemented in a number of GPUs. For id Tech 5 the trend has continued, now with AMD doing a hardware implementation of a Carmack inspired technology.

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ATi_Elite2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The HD7970 is a beast......a beast that is very cool and very very very power efficient.

I'm very impressed that the card can idle down during long sleep periods and only use 3 watts or less when not in use. Even at full load the card is still under 400 watts which is good.

looking forward to fapping to more benchmarks such as 3D performance, Eyefinity performance, Crossfire performance, tessellation, and Ray-Tracing performance. Plus seeing what the sweet spot $200 to $300 cards can do.

HD7970 is $50 higher than a 580GTX but you get a good performance increase and you'll save $50 in electricity (if you game as much as i do) to make up the difference.

*For Enthusiast Gamers* if you got a HD6000 GTX500 series card......just buy another card for SLi or Crossfire to get performance of HD7000 / GTX700 cause HD6000/GTX500 prices will be dropping. Unless money is no problem then by all means upgrade.

GTX460 is a good card to overclock and SLI but GTX470/480 run too hot and suck up too much electricity. I would upgrade those. They are good cards and will give you gaming performance for years to come but i'm only suggesting upgrade for Enthusiast looking to stay on the bleeding edge of tech.

HD5970 is still a beast so keep it unless you got money to burn. HD5870 CF scaling is not that great plus it burns through electricity, i would upgrade if it's in your budget. I have a HD5850 CF set-up and although good.......the HD7000 series will save me money on electricity plus give me better performance. All others i would just upgrade to HD6000/GTX500 or HD7000/GTX700. Just my 2 cents on upgrading or if your looking to buy your first GPu.

and remember folks you can ALWAYS sale your old GPU's to some World of Warcraft gamer to make some cash for a new GPU and with Star Wars The Old Republic out it should be a snap to unload your old GPU's. :D

kramun2588d ago

I've got a 5850, just a single card though. It's a great card for the money, got it the other day for £100. Very good performance for that kind of cash.

It'll keep me going for a while. Maybe next year or the year after I'll get another one when you can pick them up a lot cheaper and go crossfire with it.