Gabe Newell Gives Nod to Drop Hints About Next Half Life Title

It seems fans of Half-Life series can indeed get excited this time around. After a spat of rumours and news related to the next Half Life title in the past few months, another source is now claiming to have an insider confirm that Gabe Newell has given them the nod to go ahead and start dropping hints about the next Half-Life title.

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shodaime2582d ago

I'll adopt a puppy if this is true. About time Valve!

Kran2582d ago

What kind of puppy? If you adopt "Dog", I will be around your house before you know it :)

zerocrossing2582d ago

A dog is for life, not just for Valve announcements ;D

aliengmr2582d ago

I wonder what took so long. Im sure there has to be a reason to set aside a company's flagship title. They aren't like Blizzard, which has a ridiculous, decade long dev cycle. I have much love for Valve, but their communication skills are pretty horrible.

Well, if HL3 is indeed on the horizon, then YAY!