Download faster on Steam, this is how

An interesting hidden-in-plain-sight trick to download faster on Steam.

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LightofDarkness2494d ago

I can't imagine this affects very many Steam users, I almost always get full speed downloads. Still, nice find.

pc_masterrace2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

yup no problem here lol

ThanatosDMC2494d ago

Yeah, the author's internet just sucks. I download at 2.2mbps average and maxed at 2.9mbps. Downloaded a lot of the Total War games so fast.

ATi_Elite2493d ago

did you buy the Sega PC catalog for $100 or whatever the price was from Steam?

it had all the total war games and DLC plus a bunch of other Sega games.

ThanatosDMC2492d ago

No, separately since i didnt want some of the games and it cost less somewhat. I also bought some indy games and two copies of Dead Rising 2 Off the Record and a bunch of strategy games.

Steam ate my paycheck.

I'm having problems with Shogun 2 but Empire seems to run just fine even though there's a lot of units and tons of things going on. Shogun 2 is struggling even though there's small army on screen.

ATi_Elite2493d ago

.........Pause all your Pron torrents!

xAlmostPro2494d ago

Pretty cool find. Don't think i'll bother myself though, i get a constant 1.2mb from steam minimum. My highest although i never witnessed it, according to steam was 2.9 on l4d2 :/

Dac2u2494d ago

Nice find for those that can make use of it, but I'm with the others, my downloads are usually 1.5-3MB/sec.

I downloaded Psychonauts as well, such a great game. I beat it a couple times on my Xbox and since I don't have it anymore, I couldn't pass up $2.49 for that game.

Getowned2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

hmm might give it a try later on today,hope it works I just got shogun 2 and I don't wana wait for it to download,shit takes for ever.

BlitzAK2494d ago

Wont help if your internet download speed is capped to 200kbs :(

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