AMD Radeon 7970 announced

Icrontic reports:
"Today AMD announced the existence (and rapidly approaching release) of their latest flagship graphics card, the Radeon HD 7970, and it’s packed with a slew of new and improved technologies"

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tachy0n2519d ago


it means that the upcoming games will have greater system requirements!! including GTA V!! noooooo!!!!

T9002519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Lol no they wont, they will be console ports, most of them even today run fine on a 8800GTX which is near 5 years old now(much better then console anyways).

No point buying a 7970 if you already own something from the 6000series or even a high end 5000 series since those pretty much max out whatever is available today even from the PC centric games. 4000series pretty much maxes out console ports.

Genecalypse2519d ago

not if theyre also on current gen consoles

rizzo-rizzo2519d ago

So it does run on PCIe 3.0.. Nvidea has officially been blown out of the water.

T9002519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Naa i would still prefer Nvidia over AMD. I think at the level of hardware performance we already are at and the constant console ports being pumped out. I think its a bit like this now:

Driver support >> Hardware

Hence i would prefer to keep a 5XX series Nvidia GPU over a 7xxx series AMD gpu. Simply because games dont need such powerful hardware however solid driver support is a must.

AMD recently has had a streak of games where their driver support sucked. Imo ever since Ati got bought out by AMD its all down hill. Right now for any PC gamer Intel + Nvidia is the best combo.

kaozgamer2518d ago

i dont know why a lot of people still have problems with amd driver support. its all working fine for me. yeah sure around 2 years ago, their driver support was hopeless

Mutley4162519d ago

this card is for the long hall...the software and video stuff don`t even exist yet for this beast...549$ i`ll take a chance...she would look pretty sweet in me system!!!
cant wait to see how the tahti treat bangs out games and 3d video.

osamaq2518d ago

its a monster card...
I doubt that next gen consoles will have it

kaozgamer2518d ago

yeah well it will probably cost more than the whole console itself

dirthurts2518d ago

At 549 would be correct.

ardivt2518d ago

not bad AMD. I have to admit I'm really amazed

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