Kingdom Hearts: Breaking My Heart One Day at a Time

Arcee "For us hardcore console owners and fans, the lack of a Kingdom Hearts sequel on consoles is getting to be pretty tiresome. I use a plural to describe the disgruntled Kingdom Hearts fans out there because I know I am not alone in this."

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no_more_heroes2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

My cousin and younger sister were both fans of KH once upon a time. Not anymore though, they've lost interest. They never really cared to play all the handheld spin-offs and are now totally confused by the story. They just can't bother anymore, on top of KH3 taking TOO DAMN LONG to get here. I'm not giving up yet though. I need to see how it all ends.

People despise Square for FF related missteps, but for me it's for how they've treated KH.

Arcee2494d ago

I know what you mean. And I empathize with your cousin and sister. The story has gotten a bit out of control and the multiple handheld games across multiple handheld platforms was too much to follow. I want to see how it all ends as well, but whether the end will be worth everything is something that I am really wary about.

firefoxprime2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Let me put it to you this way. If you're a "TRUE" fan, you'll span across all platforms to experience the full story.


Me? Not anymore. I dislike the analog pad/nub of the psp enough to not play BBS(mind you its in my house as we speak). Skipped CoM on GBA "and" PS2. 358/2 Days(beat it) was enough depth for me. Just got tired of retreading the same flippin worlds again and again and again....!!!!

Mind you its amazing those worlds were able to fit into the DS cart, but I'm tired. ReCoded is placed firmly in my 3DS, and I just don't care to finish the game...tis a shame.

KH3D looks awesome, but I'm not even sure if I wanna jump back into Kingdom Hearts...Still gotta finish ReCoded, and "start" BBS... -sighs-

I was 12 years old when KH launched. I'm 21 now. Its time to move on >>>> Versus baby!

Edit: Gotta admit though, that 8 minute JumpFesta trailer really pulled me back with the Hikari music...I really think the portable lacked that "vaness"

no_more_heroes2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Same here with the ending. I am curious to see how versusXIII turns out though. It looks like a practice run for the KH team and the influence is noticeable. It has the same command board as KH and even the fire spell Noctis uses near the end of the gameplay clip looks the same as the one from KH.

MidnytRain2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


Not everyonde has or can even afford multiple systems. Plus, you shouldn't have to be a hardcore fan just to understand the story. That's bad marketing.

WhiteLightning2493d ago


"Let me put it to you this way. If you're a "TRUE" fan, you'll span across all platforms to experience the full story."

Oh shut up with that BS, buying everything of that franchise dosen't make you a true fan it just makes you a very rich fan.

Not all of us can keep up with the spin off games being on differen't platforms

I mean we've had KH on

The PS2, GBA, Mobile, PSP, DS and the 3DS

They should of waited untill the PSP was out and kept all the spin offs on the PSP and the main title games on the PS2/PS3

I was confused in KH2 and that was because I never bought Chain of Memories....just ONE game I missed and I was confused on the story

We've had Heartless, Nobodies, the Unversed and now Dream Eaters

Come on it's getting ridiculous now

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jacksonmichael2494d ago

"Kingdom Hearts III it will pick up directly where Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will leave off. Basically, much like with Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, you would have had to play the previous console games and the portable games to get the full understanding of the story for Kingdom Hearts III."

Well... It's a series. Is that not the point of a series? To continue on with the story...?

MidnytRain2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

It's kind of weird that they apparently put essential plot points in a spin-off. If it's not a spin-off, then it's even weirder that they would make a game and it's sequel on the PS2, then the third on a portable, but not call it "III".

Arnagrim2494d ago

--LONG POST AHEAD-- *Spoilers too*
I really can't stand this series anymore honestly.
The original Kingdom Hearts to me is an RPG classic, if anything because it took the odd concept of Disney plus Square Soft and made it work incredibly well. The characters were enjoyable, combat was functional, creating gummy ships was addicting and the simple plot was refreshing compared to other games that become almost over saturated with plot. I couldn't wait for Kingdom Hearts 2 after the cliffhanger of the first ending. I really wanted to find Riku again, see Kairi and defeat the Heartless for good.
Then came Chain of Memories. I already had a GBA, so the need for another platform didn't bother me, though I did have a couple of friends who missed out because of it. Garbage card system aside I was pretty indifferent to the game. The Organization was an interesting concept (before learning they were Nobodies) that I didn't mind, the memories being affected/implanted/removed by Namine was cool (imho), and later playing as Riku and learning of his struggle with darkness was neat. I hated the whole 'Puppet Riku' though and the ending although necessary, came off to me as lame. Oh well though, this is a side story right? Just give me KH2!
When the second game came around I was pumped up; I had been waiting four years for the game. I dove right into the game, though my friends who had not played COM struggled with understanding some of the plot points. Data and Tech stuff aside at the beginning, which I found odd, I was refreshed by the return to the familiar game play style and enjoyed the new command system with Triangle. I didn't even mind playing as this strange new Roxas character.
Then Nobodies happened.
Nobodies are the shells of powerful beings that lost their heart...okay, makes sense, I didn't mind a new enemy besides the Heartless, just let me find Riku and Kairi and defeat the Heartless to save the world. Then the Organization shows up and Yen Sid tells me they were actually powerful Nobodies...that somehow aren't white blobs like the rest, this point I'm wondering what direction the series is going. Then they showed me the forms like Valor and I was pumped, the plot went to the back of my head. So more plot happens, Ansem was just Xeanhort's Heartless which at that point I didn't even care because so much other crap is going on, Organization is made up of old lab members of Ansem the Wise, Goofy "dies" for like half a second, awesome huge Heartless fight, Organization has Kairi, Axel dies, Pete and Maleficent show up out of nowhere, meet Riku (the high point for the last several hours of game play for me), fight Organization members, wonder why the hell Kairi is using a keyblade, end game boss is neat, roll credits.
At this point I'm torn between how much I enjoyed playing the game and how little was resolved from the first game. I have Kairi and Riku back, but pretty much nothing was done about the Heartless and the once simple and enjoyable plot has now had a clusterfuck of other crap thrown on it. It's not even good, deep plot, it's large amounts of shallow, non fleshed out garbage. Whatever, just give me KH3 and some closure.

Arnagrim2494d ago


Then came all the spinoffs.
I had a DS, my friends didn't, this further made it difficult for them to follow the story when 358/2 Days came out. I bought it, hoping it would expand on the mess Squenix created with Nobodies and the Organization. Game was fun, the relationship between Axel, Roxas and Xion (the most pointless existence in this entire series)was nice, but other than Riku trying to wake up Sora, this game did nothing but bring closure to a story arc Organization/Roxas) that I didn't care about and had minuscule importance on the main plot.
I had a PSP as well, same story, friend's didn't, they're more than pissed at this point. Game play was AMAZING and was a huge improvement on previous games. The plot was pretty good although the short amount of time for each play through of the characters was somewhat disappointing compared to the fleshed out worlds of the console games. Also Unversed pretty much showed up and weren't well expanded on. The game ended and aside from Xehanort's origins and why he looks like he does after assimilating Terra and why Roxas looks like Ven, I didn't gain much from it. Kingdom Hearts 3 is surely coming next though.
Coded was a bad joke that shouldn't even have happened, only important part was Re:Coded's secret ending which just let me know more shit I didn't care about was about to happen.
Then the announce Dream Drop Distance. For 3DS, a system I don't have yet, and wasn't planning on buying, before this game my only interest in the system was for Devil Survivor: Overclocked. This game covers how Sora and Riku (who apparently are in their child forms again?) need to take their Mark of Mastery exams like Terra and Co. from BBS to become key blade masters...because apparently defeating several enemies that Yen Sid and Mickey couldn't beat doesn't qualify them enough. Along the way more shallow plot will be stacked onto the series and a new enemy/ally Dream Eaters show up. So now there are Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eaters of which only the first two have been expanded on. Unfortunately for me the 8 minute trailer was damn good and this game covers the opening events for Kingdom Hearts 3 so I'll shell out the dough for an entry in a series that has been sodomized with unnecessary plot for half a decade.
But of course there's Birth By Sleep volume 2 hinted in the BBS:FM in Japan which we know nothing about, the inevitable Playstaion Vita game to be released and the issue of what platform Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually going to be on (I don't care if it's multiplatform, if it's going to be WiiU exclusive like some people are saying I'll burn down an orphanage, I'm not using that bastardization of a controller on Kingdom Hearts). And of course whatever garbage games will be released as Epilogue titles to KH3 when it finally comes out to answer whatever confusing things are going to happen in Kingdom Hearts 3.
I'm exhausted from this series, it went from a pure, enjoyable expierience to a plethora of intertwining shallow stories and characters and new mechanics that are almost just tagged on (D-Links from BBS, Dream Eater raising in DDD, hell COMMAND DECKS ARE A RIP OFF OF THE MATERIA SYSTEM IN CRISIS CORE, hell the fusion of them is literally a re-skinned materia fusion menu). Will I keep buying the games? Yes, but not because I'm going to kid myself like some deluded fanboys who think it has some Xenogear-esque deep intricate plot; but because I want some damn closure to a series that I thought I would have gotten 4-5 years ago. It's like they forgot the Heartless even existed.

Nomura smokes crack and shouldn't be allowed to create sequels to any game he works on.

NeXXXuS2493d ago

KH3 is taking too long. The end. Too many spin-offs and it's getting frustrating.

LAWSON722493d ago

So sad that this game is probably not even yet in development and it has been over 6 years since 2

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