Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (SideQuesting) - For all intents and purposes, Halo: CEA is a good game. But when the community you’re serving is the Halo fanbase and your administration is Microsoft, just “good” is unacceptable — especially for gameplay that’s bordering on being stale. I want 343 Industries to succeed because I want the Halo franchise to continue to thrive, but they really need to show me a lot more with the next trilogy. Otherwise, it’s just another game that’s about shooting aliens in the dick.

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ElementX2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Sure, everyone is critical of Halo CEA but they love every PS3 remake. The game isn't supposed to break any barriers, it's a remake of the original. They're not going to tweak gameplay if they want it true to the source, which was the idea.

user8586212590d ago

lol what a joke of a website

aviator1892590d ago

A 2/5??
I just don't understand how they could score it so low.

"especially for gameplay that’s bordering on being stale"- Does the reviewer not know CEA is the Halo: CE with upgraded visuals without any changes to the gameplay. I mean, that was 343i's intentions in making the game. Does the reviewer expect CEA to be a completely new title or something?

SJPFTW2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

LOL worst review ever. Of course they didn't tweak the gameplay, thats exactly the point they want to keep the original feel, gameplay and experience of the original but make it more modern looking. Any "tweaks" would have ruined it. Thats what the fans wanted and thats what they got

343 will show what they can do in Halo 4.

m232590d ago

343 stated their intentions at the very beginning, leave the gameplay completely identical to the original. The visual upgrade was a amazing and the terminals and the added online co-op were great. The additional maps for Reach were awesome as well, and all that for $40. As a Halo fan from day 1, I was more than satisfied with the remake, and 343 will show us what they got with Halo 4. I'm sure they won't disappoint.

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