Battlefield 3 - No man or vehicle is safe from this dude's rocket skills

DSOGaming writes: "Oooooooookay, now that was a bit of a shock. It's true that I've been trying hard to take down helis and planes with my beloved rocket launcher. But this dude is simply talented. Either that or he's cheating and I doubt that he'd upload such video if that was the case. So, PhaserEvolution has uploaded a video to show off his 'rocket skills' and believe me, you don't want to play against such player. Why you ask? See the video to find out why."

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DonaldBeck2490d ago

Fantastic man, add me on psn flamesofhell44. ive realy got to try that sometime! nice video!

pc_masterrace2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

mother of god...this dude is skillful with that rocket thingy.

malol2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

but it seems his lag is helping him !
like he shoot and you see no projectile / rocket
few seconds after it hits like WTF !!

bare in mind rockets are faster than that !!

after looking at that for multiple times
seems legit
well that's scary

M4I0N32489d ago

whoa, this guy is amazingly talented, check his battle report out from battlelog:


Perjoss2489d ago

did you see his score on that battlelog page?? Its over 9000!

LackTrue4K2489d ago

now thats what i call an "online murder"

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Spitfire_Riggz2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

That was really sweet! Also love the AKS-74u with the iron sights!

Edit: Oh my god that last shot with the stationary AT.. are you joking???

Spenok2490d ago

Thats exactly what i was thinking. I was like "NO F'ing Sh1T!"

I mean im decent with a rocket... gotta love me some engineer, but this guy puts me to SHAME!!!

trancefreak2490d ago

Ya I just fling them out there and pray I hit something besides open dirt

Perjoss2489d ago

No, no I think he was serious.

Intentions2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

That's PC btw.

OT: Pretty sweet vid, the music fitted so well with it.

SignifiedSix2490d ago

You do realize he was playing on the pc, right?

KillerPwned2490d ago

PC is the way to go if you wanna have the skills to do stuff like this. Battlefield on the PC is amazing the aiming is a lot better when I play on PC compared to PS3 I do a lot better on PC.

solar2490d ago

probably old school Rocket Arena guy. nice shots, far more impressed with the very long distance hits.

HellzAssassin2489d ago

Exactly what I was thinking... probably an old school pro Quake/UT Rocket player... Damn good hits... Very impressive.

Perjoss2489d ago

"probably an old school pro Quake/UT Rocket player"

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of CoD players suddenly cried out "what's Quake...?"

StraightPath2489d ago


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SKUD2490d ago

Actually these kills are more harder to achieve. The sniper is now the new NOOB class. That and anyone using the tactical light. In some matches the anti-tank keeps everyone honest and moving IMO.

Clarence2490d ago

Recon class is the hardest class to level up with if your just killing. I get most my points by scouting the enemies for my team. I snipe when I think it will help.

Jayjayff2490d ago

How is recon the noob class ? people just hate on recon for the sake of it nowadays, takes way more skill to get the shots and like stated above it is the hardest to level up.

megacowdung2490d ago

Have u ever tried sniping? It's freaking hard. Sniping takes skill. But i agree with the tactical light, nooby.

SpaceFox2490d ago

How the hell does that make him a noob? Do you have any idea how insanely hard it is to pull that off? And he takes less than a second to aim and gets a hit on the first try every time.

That's crazy. Mad props to this guy, just plain skilled.

Next time you call someone a noob know wtf youre talking about.

josephps32490d ago

I know what you mean. I was thinking, "what the hell man, what chance do I have if there are guys like this playing online. I'm just cannon fodder." Why even bother trying, I'm never ever going to get close to his skill level.

Ummm is EA going to have Bots for mere mortals without superhuman skills?

SpaceFox2490d ago

Pshh, this guy's one in a million. Chances of you running into somebody like this are really slim. Saying you dont wanna play just cause there are people out there better than you is pretty sad.

Elwenil2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Not to mention this is all edited together and probably comes from who knows how many hours of footage. Yes, it does take skill to pull off shots like this but luck plays a little into it also since the RPGs fly so slow and you never know when the pilot may make a quick turn. If I was recording all my games I could probably edit together 30 or so MBT cannon kills on aircraft that would make me look like I'm super badass but in the end it would be 30 kills out of 150 misses, lol.

bwazy2490d ago

How do we know thats theres no becon on those jets/heli's?

SLEDGE2490d ago

Cause there are not any becons on those heli's...
Cause the dart was left back at Bad Company, and is staying there, the RPG-7 in BF3 cant lock on to anything, it goes straight with a "bullet drop".

bwazy2490d ago

Was thinking of this, but yeah apparently doesn't work with the RPG-7. Still though some of the shots look a little bit like they shouldn't have hit haha.

krisq2490d ago

Yeah, but someone can paint a target for him.

negative2490d ago

Yea I'm calling BS on this video!!!!!!!

NCAzrael2490d ago


That only works with the Javelin. The RPG-7 and the SMAW do not lock on to anything. Considering this guy has over 800 combined RPG-7 and SMAW kills I'm going to say this guy is pretty legit.

krisq2489d ago

I stand corrected then. :)

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spektical2490d ago

uhhh i've gotten kills like this before vary many times.. nothing surprising.

i wonder how many takes it took him, if it didnt take many i'd be impressed otherwise its just a matter of filming all your games and using an engineer at all times.

spektical2490d ago

play with me on ps3 ;)