Siliconera's Tales Series Interview Part 1: Hideo Baba On Graces F And Xillia

Siliconera writes, "Tales of Graces​ f is just three months away and we caught up with Tales series producer Hideo Baba. In this interview, Baba talks about developing the battle system for Tales of Xillia and downloadable content for Graces f."

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Inception2543d ago

I'll DEFINITELY buy Graces F in march. And i'm hoping Tales fans in the US will support (buy) Graces F and Abyss 3DS too. It's time to stop the bitching about localization and show Namco that we seriuosly want more Tales with english language (Xillia, Innocence, etc).

Alos882543d ago

Agreed, as soon as I get my 3DS for Christmas I'll be buying Tales of the Abyss and Graces when it arrives in February.