New Trailer For Game of Thrones RPG Shows The Wall

Accompanying the launch of a newly designed official website, ATLUS the North American publisher for the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG have released a new trailer showing some in-game visuals and the digitised likeness of HBO actor James Cosmo who is reprising his role of Jeor Mormont for the game.

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aPerson2590d ago

It looks bland and boring. Can't exactly say I'm surprised. When a game is announced just a few months from release, it's a good sign it'll be crap.

Ryudo2590d ago

Game didn't look that bad to me, voice acting however that's another story...

skottey2590d ago

Nah... doesn't look that bad. Might be good actually. Funny thing is yesterday I was thinking about the show and how it would make a good RPG and then I see this. I'll put it at the top of my Gamefly queue and check it out.

Baka-akaB2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It looks mediocre considering the awesome franchise it gets to play with . Both the show and books deserves far better

Spenok2590d ago

After the show released reciently my brother has practically been begging me to read the books. Hopefully i get them for christmas xD. If not ill just buy them with what money i get. Heres to hoping the game turns out good enough. To bad i dont know who the developers are though.