Grand Theft Auto III Tops iPhone Sales Chart

Grand Theft Auto 3 is at the top of the iPhone top grossing titles chart.

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GraveLord2494d ago

Congratz iPhone "gamers"! You get to play a game we played 10 years ago! That iPhone tech is really amazing.....

vector4152494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Heh, but 10 years ago you didn't get to play it anywhere you want :)

LettingGo2492d ago

IPhone gamers are the same gamers who played it ten years ago. It's on Android too. Why haven't you bought it?

Titanz2494d ago

Smart phones are becoming, the "All-in-one" handheld device.

LettingGo2492d ago

I highly recommend it for Xperia Play owners. The controls are great! It's a shame more phones don't have controller buttons.