PS3 Fans Bitter About Call of Duty Elite News

PushStartSelect "Activision has promised that their promises will be fulfilled, eventually, when it comes to Call of Duty Elite. While the service is still lacking those promises, we are finally starting to get dates from them and can look forward to something happening for once. Well that is unless you are a PS3 player paying for Elite and expect to be treated equally. "

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Majin-vegeta2520d ago

Please tell me why my fellow ps3 brothers bend over and take this crap??But they are paying so they should get it at the same time.

Abash2520d ago

My guess is that those PS3 gamers just dont care about that stuff and it's not enough of a reason to get a 360 and play CoD there.

da_2pacalypse2518d ago

So let me get this straight... These people decided to sell their soul to Bobby Kotick and didn't expect to be burnt by it? Lol, I have 0 sympathy for anyone who is having any sort of problem with this game.

Sub4Dis2518d ago

you'd think after all these times of getting screwed by COD, ps3-exclusive owners would wise up and stop supporting the franchise.

Rainstorm812518d ago

Among the other gripes i have with the COD franchise as of late...COD elite was a ripoff from jump....but then again if you pay 120 for COD every year (game + DLC) i guess it does make sense to do if you could trust Activision.

kevnb2518d ago

pc owners sure stopped supporting this call of duty crap like they used to.

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DonaldBeck2520d ago

Its activision dude, its to be expected.

Titanz2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )


PSPEE2519d ago Show
mynameisEvil2519d ago

@ PSPee
Look at your username...

Just get out of here you damn M$ fanboy troll.

RumbleFish2518d ago

You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me.

I stopped buyin CoD after [email protected]

End of story.

scrambles2519d ago

Why do u think ps3 version is such lower quality than the xbox version? i believe mw3 was 620p for xbox and 540p for ps3? xbox gets smaller patch sizes, xbox gets dlc 1st, xbox gets problems fixed 1st. Face it if you want to play CoD on ps3 you have play an inferior product.

playboi282518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I actually sort of agree with you on this one. I will say that the PS3 version of this game is an inferior product. To be honest, I really don't notice much of a difference in resolution, but the PS3 gets shitted on for DLC. This game has always been optimized for Xbox 360. I don't believe that it's the PS3 that makes the game inferior, just the development of the game.

I personally bought the game with Elite on PS3 solely because I can play online for free. This not a trolling remark and I'm no fanboy. It's just the truth and the reasoning for my system of choice. I actually own both systems.

RBLAZE19882518d ago

It's definetly microsofts influence that keeps every aspect sub-par on ps3 and pc. Microsoft gives them money and activision tells their devs to make COD games deliberately superior on 360 which just isn't right for this industry and It is so plain to see that if you really pay attention but most COD fans don't bother. COD, Activison and Microsoft have helped to make this gen shady as hell and they aren't on the consumers side anymore and I hope you all can see that.

punisher992518d ago

Yeah thats true. Thats how inferior developers are.

gamingdroid2518d ago


Have you considered that there are others games that suffered the same issue on the PS3?

The commonality here is the PS3... That said, CoD has never been better on the PS3 so I don't understand the complaint. If you have issues with the DLC, maybe you should complain why Sony didn't cut a deal with Activision?

Nobody is chalking up a sh!t storm when BF3 is clearly favoring PS3, and it isn't because the PS3 is a more capable. The Xbox 360 version is held back.

Don't like, don't buy! As this was well known in advance so there is no excuses.

TheGameFoxJTV2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

@gamingdroid A Console manufacturer shouldn't have to fucking pay for a company to make their games work! Activision should want their product to be amazing on all platforms. Not to whoever pays us for the best quality.

gamingdroid2518d ago


***A Console manufacturer shouldn't have to fucking pay for a company to make their games work!***

The game works on all consoles so I'm not sure what you are talking about?

***Activision should want their product to be amazing on all platforms. Not to whoever pays us for the best quality.***

It is amazing on all platforms. The quality difference is due to the platform and the management of said platform.

An example of this is on Xbox 360, voice chat is integrated into the system while on the PS3 you have to get your own voice software going. If resources are spent on getting voice chat working, well there might be less for other things...

Food for thought.

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BulletToothtony2519d ago

Microsoft pay millions for this to happen, I have to wait a couple of weeks,

it's not a big deal, I rather wait a couple of weeks than buying a brand new console and then PAY to have to play a game that i can play for free online on two other consoles/pc.

Why do YOU take the crap that you have to pay to play a game that should be free to play online.

theonlylolking2519d ago

In the end everyone on all consoles gets the dlc within a short time frame. So even though you get screwed for a short time, the one really getting screwed is M$.

Sabian1872518d ago did that not paying for a service that was nonexistent for 2+ weeks and 70+ million accounts were "at risk" because Sony couldn't afford a firewall to stop some hackers???
You get what you pay for and you got what you bought.

Enigma_20992518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )


True dat, my friend. I mean nothing like that would ever happen with Microsoft. Oh wait...


"It's not a big deal, I rather wait a couple of weeks than buying a brand new console and then PAY to have to play a game that i can play for free online on two other consoles/pc."

Play PS3/PC versions online for free? Well there's your problem right there! This is Activision showing resentment at you for not throwing more money at them!

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badz1492519d ago

who ever trusted activision is a moron! I knew this would happen from miles away!

artdafoo2519d ago

You dopes played yourselves, how many times do you have to get butt raped before you stop bending over in front of Activision. Don't feel sorry at all. Hell I'm buying Activision a Cosco size tub of Vaseline.

TBM2519d ago

multi console owner here and i didnt buy this game or this stupid elite program thing for neither of my consoles.

_Aarix_2518d ago

Yea imo there are just too many better fps especially if you have both consoles. Its not a bad game just kinda pricy for the quality.

brodychet2519d ago

I'm used to it. I play Cod on my Ps3 primarily, but I also have an Xbox, and enjoy playing there aswell. But It's really upsetting that some people think it's okay that Xbox gets it first. If Activision is going to be a sellout towards Microsoft, then it's only a matter of time before Activision turns on Microsoft, gamers need to unify instead of battling consoles. Seriously. In the end, we all love games, Xbox, PS3, Cod, Battlefield. Stick up for eachother.

JRobes2519d ago

you say you play COD on both the xbox and ps3... i hope you didn't seriously get the same game on both consoles. There's a thing called the outdoors and even though its winter, you can still go enjoy it.

brodychet2519d ago

@Jrobes, I know a lot of guys who have both consoles for different reasons, and bought Cod for their kids on one console, and for themselves on another. What I do does not concern you, and you clearly missed the point of my message. You don't know me, or my life. Grow up..

poet2152519d ago

I also have it own both consoles....smh. Lol. I played my first call of duty game with black ops (ps3) I game on ps3, my sons play xbox 360. This keeps my games & controllers clean, lol. I will be trying out mw3 on their 360, this Sunday morning with them. I will look to see for myself if it plays smoother on 360.

Bokan2518d ago

No wonder their sales are so high, there's prob a few children buying hundreds of copies...

Life finally makes sense again

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NeloAnjelo2518d ago

People need to stop buying this crap rehash every year. They still cannot offer an equal experience across all platforms... despite churning out the same game for the last 5 years. Unacceptable and people need to wake the hell up.

Not to mention all the glitches, unbalanced on-line, mediocre same old game-play. It not only looks and plays the same... but is broken just the same. Now with a monthly fee.

harrisk9542518d ago

I refuse to buy CoD because of this nonsense.

Waiting for the inevitable class action... and one should be filed against Activision for deceptive and unfair trade practices... plus, if there is any truth to the rumors that they are in collusion with MS, they should be sued as well.

solar2518d ago

Majin, it is all console gamers that bend over and take this treatment. that is not a dig at console gamers. but console gamers need to stand up and stop crap like this, be vocal, go to Activision and IW and complain. it needs to happen so this kinda crap doesnt happen again.

PC gamers might be labeled complainers, but we do it for the greater good of all gamers. i want to see you chaps get up and complain, make a voice, because the fabric of what gaming used to be is being pulled from under our feet everyday. and i dont like it one bit.

t0mmyb0y2518d ago

Pretty stupid. It would be like paying to play online when I know others are doing the same for free /s :D

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waltyftm2520d ago

Bidder ??? that title makes me Bitter.

maawdawg2520d ago

yeah, he really should have checked his spelling bedder.


Sizzon2520d ago

I play MW3 on the PS3, but I don't pay for elite.

moparful992518d ago

I bought the hardened edition so that I could get the 1 year elite membership which includes all dlc for free.. I have never purchased a single piece of call of duty dlc bc I think its a rip off but the hardened package for mw3 was really enticing and a chance to try out elite for $10 cheaper then the retail price.. But honestly I've got to say that mw3 has been A HUGE LETDOWN for me so far.. Its more frustrating then it is fun... If not for my elite membership I would have given up on MW3 already..

Sizzon2518d ago

Yeah it's quite boring tbh, the maps are so small D:

kaozgamer2518d ago

yeah the maps are too boring. the map designer from mw2 and mw1 were good

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2520d ago

Hmm law suites for false advertisement perhaps comes with this? Because technically they are not getting it Early. This is just me talkin....even if say the PS3 Elite users get it a week early before the rest of the Users on Ps3 get to buy it it is still false advertisement since Xbox already had it "Early"

SixZeroFour2519d ago

but why would it matter if the 360 owners get it before the ps3 owners since they arent playing together

ps3 elite members get it before ps3 non elite users
360 elite users get it before 360 non elite users

360 users only get it earlier cause MS paid extra to get it earlier, if sony did the same, there wouldnt be an issue, but they dont want to put up the cash...its business

and BTW, i dont play mw3 or have elite, just stating facts

RBLAZE19882518d ago

Actually it wouldn't work like that. If a company is throwing down extra money then they expect to have exclusive timing so if Sony and Microsoft both payed, one would have to pay more to get that exclusivity or else it'd be a waste of money. That's why this type of shit is unfair and I know Sony does it too but Microsoft started it a long time ago.

awesomeperson2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Its not exactly the same :D

Ontopic, I don't really care too much, the maps will probably be glitchy and frankly terrible when they come out, so I don't mind for our 360 friends to find all the little problems first :D

Cablephish2518d ago

I llove your optimism XD