Angry Birds Is A Fad, says Tetris Manager

Angry Birds may be all the rage on mobile this year, but if you ask Henk Rogers, manager of The Tetris Company, Rovio's success with the blockbuster title will be fleeting.

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jacksonmichael2590d ago

Okay, Pot. You leave Kettle alone. No point getting racist here.

(Because the pot is calling the kettle black, see).

Godmars2902590d ago

*slap to back of your head*

Actually, aren't the Tetris guys trying to set up some uber-lame paid subscription Tetris club?

waltyftm2590d ago

Angry birds is a great game, so is Tetris.

Perjoss2589d ago

"Tetris is a great game"

I fixed your comment for you.

kneon2589d ago

Angry birds is a pretty lame game that seems designed to limit how much your skill affects the outcome. You can make the exact same shot a dozen times and get a range of points that varies by as much as a factor of 4. It's more a game of chance than a game of skill.

Finishing the levels is pretty easy, but getting 3 stars usually involves doing the same thing over and over again waiting for a different outcome. For many that is the definition of insanity.

FriedGoat2589d ago

pot kettle? Tetris has been around for decades and is still the most popular puzzle franchise ever. I don't see how you can call a game that has had proven longevity and success on every platform hypocritical of Angry Birds?

DonaldBeck2590d ago

i know im a minority but i could not get into angry birds, for the people who like it, more power to you but it just wasn't for me.

Hisiru2589d ago

Same here. I just can't play it. I am not saying the game is not good... just saying it's not for me.

Snookies122589d ago

Yep, same for me... Looks like it might not be such a minority. XD

hesido2589d ago

I never liked it either. I get more angry than the birds while playing it, could get no joy out of it.

darkgoon3r962589d ago

Same... Came to the comment section thinking how many people would be saying how much they love it, looks like I am not in the minority after all :P

Spenok2589d ago

Same, i tried downloading it. And even had fun for the first 10 levels or so.... then i realized it doesnt change much, and it gets boring rather quickly.

God only knows why its been downloaded over 600 million times!! o.0

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Revvin2589d ago

Angry Birds is fun and I'm sure they will continue to regurgitate levels like Pysgnosis did with Lemmings but Tetris is really the king of puzzle games, it doesn't need level updates, its endless and anyone can play it and so thats why it gets converted onto every gaming format.

pucpop2589d ago

angry birds is actually based on another game. not a fan of angry birds.

Captain Qwark 92589d ago

most games are dude, not many original games these days anymore. nothing wrong with it either as long as you do it better than your inspiration

Baka-akaB2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

He's not entirely wrong though , even if biased ... like it or not angry birds is kinda the sum of every crappy flash free games we didnt wanna play back then , unless stuck and bored at a work desk .

At some point even casual gaming will require more investments and work , and enough creativity to do more than cheap holidays themed rip offs

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