3DS outsells PS Vita during Japanese launch week thanks partly to Monster Hunter

First week sales don't really prove anything in the long run and fanboys should at least wait until a system launches in all territories before judging it. One need only look at the sales history of the PS3 or 3DS to see that first month or even first year sales don't decide a system's success. With that out of the way, can you believe the 3DS totally beat the PS Vita during its first week in Japan?

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StraightPath2520d ago

Ouch not good news for Sony fanboys both I already own a 3DS slowly the games are coming for it, And looking forward to nice games on Vita too. Perhaps exclusive Final Fantasy games again such as Crysis Core or Dissidia or exclusive MGS Kingdom Hearts games. However Kingdom Hearts 3DS exclusive game is coming to 3DS.

DonaldBeck2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

how immature, its disgraceful how people in 2011 are so ignorant to still use the term "sony fanboys" grow up.

@sonyngp, seriously?

SonyNGP2520d ago Show
Tony-A2520d ago

3DS - 7 Days - 367,691
Vita - 2 Days - 324,859

I believe next week's numbers would be more comparable.

GribbleGrunger2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

unfortunately not because i doubt Sony can ship enough... although if the 'rumour' is true that they actually shipped 700,000 and not 500,000, there is an outside chance that you could be right. amazing though how these sites actually have the cheek to compare 2 days figures with 7 days figures.

unless Sony couldn't have sold another 43,000 in the other 5 days... just let that sink in and you'll see how stupid this whole argument is. it HAS actually outsold the 3Ds. i'd love to be able to find out how many 3Ds handhelds sold in the same 2 days, then we'd have a decent comparison

VampiricDragon2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )


you do realize after launch sales decrease right? You also realize while the vita did outdo the psp launch, the 3ds is outpacing the ds fiscally for its first year by months.......with KH,kid icarus, resident evil,tekken, rythmbandits, ff rythm, and more left for the fiscal first year.


The 3ds got the same amount of 8s and 9s and actually had system sellers like layton, nintendogs, ect.

Tony-A2520d ago


lol, I'm aware of that, dude. I'm just saying the argument would be much more leveled out if you gave the Vita time to REACH a week's worth of sales.

Some people compared two days of the 3DS launch to two days of the Vita launch. That's a much fairer (is that a word?) comparison.

-Alpha2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

2 days vs. 7 days like DWeezy said.

367K 3DS sales/7 days= ~52K x 2 days= 100K

Vita= 300K in 2 Days
3DS= 100K in 2 Days

n4f2520d ago

here we go again the history repeat itself.
and fanboy in denial will start to calculate thing but everyone has different number

Game3s2519d ago

@DWeezy91 It was the same 2 day period o.o

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smashcrashbash2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Did you look at the scores the VITA launch games got? Almost all of them way above average.8s and 9s all around. We don't have to slowly wait for our games. We already have them.So shut your hole.BTW for the last time for everyone who didn't hear the first time, it is only 2 days of sales, not a week. A week is seven days if you didn't already know that.

rexbolt2519d ago

who we its not even out yet in the states XD

fluffydelusions2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

The launch "week" in JP was actually only 2 days...well that is how they counted it.

Ser2520d ago

I only bought a 3DS for Monster Hunter, which I'm SURE is coming to the Vita eventually. Capcom is too greedy to withhold Monster Hunter from the Vita.

In hindsight, I probably should have never picked up a 3DS. The games are practically nonexistent and the system scratches itself when closed. A waste of $200, me thinks. Bring on the Vita.

MastaMold2520d ago

Sony is doomed again and again till the end of time /s

Why o why2520d ago

doom n gloom....whatevar

lilbrat232520d ago

I want to see the sales after the first week, because during the first week 3DS sold under 400k. What I would be really interested in is what the sales would be like here in the States the first two days.

PSVita2520d ago

I don't think Nintendo fanboys should be happy about this and Sony fanboys shouldn't be mad. There nearly the same damn numbers grown up people. Although i personally believe the 3ds had an advantage because of the hype of the 3d. I know a few people that didn't even bother to try it out before buying and regretted it because they don't even use it anymore. Also they were the first to reach the market so they were a little better off, and we all remember the lack luster sales and games that followed the first few weeks. Competition is great for the market so the fact that they both are doing well is great for all gamers- psvita out

prettyboy122519d ago

dude i dont kno if ur joking or what but u do kno this comparison is as acurate ps3 vs 360 numbers right?i mean its 2days of sales vs 7days.either ur joking or didint bother to look up pure facts

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yoghurt2520d ago

Didn't the VITA only launch on Saturday?

-Alpha2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

A week = 2 days. Fact.

metsgaming2520d ago

You mean thanks to vita only being counted for 2 days but trolling gets hits so stating facts is not something these sites want to do.

phantomexe2520d ago

The one thing that scares me about getting a vita are games. I'm picking it up day one but in the long run sonys handhelds don't get much. They do get a little but it's just a hand full of games that are worth buying. I'm not here puting sony down for trying but nintendo has this handheld thing down to a science. Thrid party support is alwasy massive of nintendos handheld along with the rpg lineup that carred over from the DS. I do hope that sony really steps it up as far as trying to get the support and pushing there frist party games out. Uncharted is a great start and the soul reason i'm picking it up day one. Uncharted is a system seller to me.

Agent Smith2520d ago

So the PSP and.... they've only had one handheld.

Prophet-Gamer2520d ago

Apperently, selling over 70 million units in a market that has been dominated by Nintendo for the last two decades is considers a failure nowadays. It's the same people who think 1 million is a "low number" and that preorders are the end all be all. I think we all know which group I'm talking about here.

phantomexe2520d ago

There is like 3 versions and i can see what i said hurt your feeling. I play games man and i don't o sony anything. The PS3 is a great system but the vita only time will tell. They need thrid party support and in the past really they haven't had that. You can disagree all you want those are still the facts.

GribbleGrunger2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Sony approached devs to find out what they wanted in a handheld. now Sony have given them exactly what they want and it's sold so well in two days, do you really think the devs won't support it?

@at Zippy below. i'd love to think you was right, but unfortunately you are going to get a few laughs with that comment

ZippyZapper2520d ago

No one makes a handheld better than Nintendo.

metsgaming2520d ago

looks like sony just did.

ZippyZapper2520d ago

Sony is just a baby when it comes to handheld. Nintendo been doing it for 30 years.

GribbleGrunger2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

wow. ok, so you've been ignoring the games, the tech and the features of Vita? i can see no other reason for you drawing that conclusion... unless you're a fanboy, but i'll opt for ignorance to save your face

you're basically saying that PS1 is better than the PS3... you do realise that, don't you?

metsgaming2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

just because they been making them longer doesnt make it better. Atari has been making video games for forever yet there games arent very good.

The devs who made batman came out of nowhere and havent been in the industry long and make good games.

lol @ the apple comment

user8586212520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Nintedo have owned the handheld market, Hell they even raped the psp which was "superior"

Sony fans only wish the vita outsells the 3ds

on other note its great seeing Monster hunter 3G doing so well on the 3DS, despite certain people saying it would not because its not on a sony handheld LOL!, Wonder how Monster Hunter 4 will sell now ;)

Lf_sIcKmAn2520d ago

Dude, they are different devices, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, If i had enough money id buy both, right now im LOVING my 3ds and if i get enough money ill get vita, stop the hating...

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BiggsnWedge2520d ago

Yeah it's called Apple. Nintendo fanboy.

Ser2520d ago

Really? I bet the Vita doesn't SCRATCH ITS OWN SCREEN when it's in your pocket.

My 3DS is already scratched to crap due to the poor design of the lower screen.

Yeah, Nintendo are definitely masters of the handheld! /s

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