New Modern Warfare 3 DLC Video Leaked

A video has just surfaced showing Modern Warfare 3 game screen with the new DLC Maps.

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AgentWD403508d ago

MW3 for BF3, I have loved cod for a long time but I can't get into MW3 its just too damn easy to get kills and its full of camping noobs

firefoxprime3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )




DARK WITNESS3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

There are two very extreme spectrum's of MW3. Those who say it's easy to get kills and those who can't seem to get any.. and when I say they can't get any I mean guys who had no problem at all in cod4/mw2 guys with KD's of like 2.50 or higher and now they can't get up to two and it's all down to connection or rather the netcode.

I know I am or was good player in cod4 and MW2 but I can't say the same for MW3 at the same time no matter how good someone says they are at MW3 I can't take them seriously either because the game is so inconsistent they may get lots of kills but I don't know if it's because they really are that good or it's just the connection working in their favor. When the connection is working in your favor it is really easy to get kills. it's like you are invincible.

One thing is for sure MW3 is the worst Cod/MW game so far... at least in my opinion anyway and I think next week it's going back to the shops. The updates have only made it a fraction of a bit better.

It's like you play the first 1 or 2 games and it feels ok and then all of a sudden one new player will join and suddenly you can't kill anyone.

The game is trash.

princejb1343508d ago

so if your saying bf3 isnt full of campers you are fooling yourself right now

AgentWD403507d ago

but honestly the amount of games I have played where the other team set up camp and have no intention of actually playing is more than 60 percent, dont get me wrong sometimes its fun to attack them and flush them out but it gets tedious after a while. I am no cod hater I have been playing cod since number 1 and It peaked with 4 and its been getting worse its a simple but sad fact. It doesn't look like changing either because the new generation of cod fans are happy with the game were as us old cod fans are disgusted with it and who are they going to listen too, the millions that bought the game and feel like a pig in shit thats who

acemonkey3508d ago

i just bought mw3 give it a try......why is everybody leaking dlc videos and everything lol...they hack into the game to see the upcoming dlc maps for what? just the name of the maps? internet fame? lol i dont see the point in hacking into the games files to see the maps (dlc) it be different if they could see the layout of the map

49erguy3508d ago

First leaked vid in years that I've seen before it was taken down. Too bad I thought someone would actually be PLAYING on the map(s).

scrambles3508d ago

The thing i find about CoD maps are that theyre made from scratch and not around anything. Theres no central purpose of in the maps anymore. Look at many of the maps in the MW3 theyre just little tiny arenas to fight in. Take Downfall for instance from CoD WaW. The map had 2 sides the opera steps and the Reich. You had a sense of "this is my base". Where as MW2 and 3 you had this is a tiny arena for which we battle for no reason nor are they based on anything, just a tiny random town giving them a feel of boring uninspired blandness.


they laid the maps out like that because you had so many noobs crying about getting spawn killed or rather spawn trapped and I think they wanted to get rid of that so they made the maps more like mazes. everyone just running in every direction and spraying and then run,run, run..

scrambles3508d ago

i guess thats true but i havent seen a map in mw3 yet thats made me go wow thats a really cool map! theyre all just bleh... and most games reward ppl with spawn rape as a sign of good job! ur better than them rather than shiny points and achievements.


@ UninformedInformer

Oh, don't get me wrong at all, I hate and I mean HATE the mw3 maps. they are the worst in any of the cod games and possible the worst multiplayer maps I have come across in a long time.

My comment above was NOT in defense of MW3.. I was just pointing out why they did make the maps the way they did, at least that's what i think. If you go back to some of the old posts about Cod4 you will see all the noobs crying about how they could not get out of the spawn because the other team dominated them (which is what any team should be trying to do anyway) and you can tell with all the additions of death streaks, reduced recoil on smgs, the spawn system and so on that they really just wanted to do everything possible to make the most casual players feel like pros and not feel like noobs.

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