BF3 Fixes – Random Bullet Spread, Audio Drop-Outs, and Comrose 2.0 in February

MP1st - Today, some new details have surfaces as to what the developers behind Battlefield 3 are looking into fixing.

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Majin-vegeta2590d ago

Yes i hate when the audio disappears it feels like im playing in a ghost town:P.

Mister_V2590d ago

It's definitely odd. Sure hope they get a fix for it.

zeeshan2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Ps3 voip sucks big time. Dice come the fu**ck on"!!

Elwenil2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It should have been fixed before the game shipped. The exact same problem was in BC2 and it was never fixed. Honestly, I'm a huge Battlefield fan (check my posts) and I love BF3 since even with all the issues it's still the best shooter we have on the PS3 but I really feel let down by DICE and their lack of support for the real problems this game has. I know for PC players things like weapon balance may be a big issue but for me, I could give a crap less about that and just want the game to run correctly, be able to hear my squad and have us all stay together with joining a game. A Battlefield game that you can't play with your team and coordinate over comms is unforgivable. Fix the problems first, then worry about all the DLC, ridiculous "easter eggs" and whiner weapon balancing. Just my .02

Please explain how you can disagree that these problems should be a priority.

scrambles2590d ago

well... tbh you're not being let down (yet) ps3 and xbox are 2 patches behind and the amount of stuff that gets fixed per patch is generally enormous so in the next 2 weeks or month we'll b getting one big patch after id say 2-4 more patches you can complain about all the bugs that wont be fixed til bf4 which we can only pray goes far more smoothly...

Criminal2590d ago

I'm glad they're fixing the audio drop-outs, but they should fix the PS3 issues ASAP.

C4BL32590d ago

February really? whatever happened to the flashlight fix?

Mister_V2590d ago

I thought that was nerfed (at range) in the recent patches, no?

SJPFTW2590d ago

why dont you read the article before posting. Comrose is coming on feb, mentions nothing about dates of other patches. probably much sooner

Urrakia342590d ago

I really, really love BF3 but I am honestly just getting sick and tired of DICE not addressing these issues in a timely fasion. It's becoming excruciatingly apparent that BF3's release may have been rushed for the sole purpose of beating MW3 to the punch.

Dojan1232590d ago

It worked on me. I still do not have MW3 and I would have gotten it if BF3 did not come out at the same time. It was not the money but I do not have time to play multiple games right now.

rattletop2590d ago

i too have the same opinion. ME3 should have been released in nov and BF3 in march 2012. the game is built on a new engine so they should have let DICE to polish the game

mrsatan2590d ago

I honestly have little to no issues with the game on PC. Maybe they should have delayed the console release of the game similar to how they do to PC all the time. In the end, it was about the money.

Spitfire_Riggz2590d ago

Oh my god this is pissing me off. I have a feeling I am going to have be using the cross game chat on the Vita to voice chat on battlefield 3 (IF the remote play gets fixed)

I also noticed sometimes bullets dont hit your target when aiming at them

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fooxy2590d ago

Good news about the audio

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