Final Fantasy XIII-2's Diminished Debut May Spell Trouble For The Franchise

Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PS3 moved over half a million copies after shipping in Japan last week -- around one-third of the sales the original Final Fantasy XIII saw just two years ago.

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Abash2492d ago

It's the sequel to one of the worst received Final Fantasies of all time, were people really expecting huge sales? If anything this is good news and should give SE an incentive to go the extra mile to make FFXV the best they can make it

Tanir2491d ago

or just finish ff versus lol

Ddouble2492d ago

It has been a bad spell but not one SE can't come back from. A lot of the complaints i see is about Versus not coming out which shows it's still an highly anticipated game. If the franchise was damaged beyond repair then no one would care for Versus or Type-0. They have the talent but they really messed up this gen.

From what we've seen and heard both Versus and Type-0 do not make the same mistakes that XIII did and they look much better overall.

IMO SE need to make Versus as good as possible and probably seperate it from XIII. Also making it exclusive for it to utilise the PS3 would also be best becausse fixing the FF brand is much more important than a one off payment to make it multiplatform.

rdgneoz32491d ago

"Also making it exclusive for it to utilise the PS3 would also be best becausse fixing the FF brand"

Its more for not pissing fans off any more. FF XII was crap, and they're putting out a sequel before versus has come out, and they already trademarked a 3rd as well (the company they do trademarks through trademarked the XII-3). Making Versus multiplat is just gonna make them look greedy as hell seeing as they announced it being exclusive a long long time ago.

LiquifiedArt2492d ago

its the very first FF game i've skipped, because all my anger from years and years of them destroying the franchise has finally built up to the point of no return.

I will no longer support Square-Enix until a REAL Final Fantasy game is released.

(True FF Fans know what I mean when I say "REAL")

Troll-without-Bridge2492d ago

didn't the vita and monster hunter tri released this month?

radphil2491d ago

Don't use your logic here on this site. :p

On a sidenote, the game's been well received pretty well by the JPN fanbase so far. Fixed issues with a lot of things that 13 had.

Alos882491d ago

I'm planning on buying FFXIII-2, but hopefully this will encourage them to focus their efforts on Versus now.

brish2491d ago

Is there actually a game Versus?

The reason I ask is the only thing I've ever seen was a trailer for it but I've never seen any game play footage.

ZombieAssassin2491d ago

Some gameplay has been shown but not much.

It's throughout the video.

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The story is too old to be commented.