Rayman Origins is a contemporary classic

Rayman Origins’ poor sales raise an important question: Are we taking classic creativity for granted?

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THR1LLHOUSE2496d ago

Mario games and stuff still do well, so we know people still like 2D platformers (though Rayman is not Mario)...I think the biggest problem the game had was that Ubi not only decided to release it in the middle of the AAA super hardcore game flood, they released it on the SAME DAY as AC: Revelations, putting in competition for money/attention with another Ubisoft game. Totally insane.

morkendo2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

yeah, that did not make sense.
ubisoft should known better.
RAYMAN WAS COOL hope more 2D platformers come out.

PirateThom2496d ago

The game was so much better than the games that released that sort of week or month too... it's amazing. Shame that Ubisoft sent it to die, would have been both the perfect game for gamers as well as the perfect family game for Christmas.

GOTY 2011.

Picnic2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Enough- I'm fed up of this slew of 4.5/5 and 5/5 reviews for Rayman Origins and how it would supposedly be a crime not to play it.

I've briefly played the game and it was like playing Earthworm Jim. At best- I'd rather have the British sense of humour than the French sense of humour.

2D platformers on the Megadrive and SNES and before used to have a disinct idea and a sturdiness to them. Like- this is a game called Quackshot- you'll play Donald Duck and you'll go through all these worlds (that you can easily assess the graphical splendour of because the themes are so recognisable) with a plunger and there is pretty much a correct way to do everything so you are never in doubt about how good you actually are.

But Rayman Origins is of a later school where everything is floaty, there are untold numbers of ways to get from one side of the screen to the other and the themes are all sort of 'don't I have such a charmingly anarchic way about doing things?' Um- no. Monty Python, Manic Miner and Monkey Island had a charmingly anarchic way about doing things. This is just a floaty platfomer. Do the graphics really blow you away as Donkey Kong Country did 17 years ago? If they do, you need more imagination. It's like looking at a hi-def Amiga game.

Game of the year? That's insanity. Games like this were released every week in the 16 bit age and they had more solidity to them.

PirateThom2496d ago

"I've briefly played the game"

That's where your whole arguement falls flat on its face.

I do like QuackShot though.

lizard812882496d ago

The game is amazing. A bit sad you knock it down because it is too floaty...Each game doesn't use the same physics, and whats wrong with multiple ways of getting across the stage? I think the game has a ton of charm, rather than teh graphics. They could have copy/pasted moves and what not, but they didn't. Even the hanging animation is different. Shoot, even the two clones in the game play differently.

You should atleast play a few worlds before saying it should have been released in the 90's. Does this mean other platformers are bad, because they are too floaty, what about NSMB, or even Little Big Planet? After you played a few worlds, then you can make an opinion.

For example, I HATE Kirby's Epic Yarn. I held on, hoping the game would get better in later worlds, but When I got to world 5, I had enough.

Ocean2496d ago

I like the look of this game...will have a look for a copy after Xmas

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