IGN - Sonic CD Review

IGN - I wanted to play Sonic CD so badly when it was released, but back in 1993 the only kid in school with a SEGA CD was the spoiled rich single child. And all he ever wanted to play was Night Trap and Kiss Kross: Make My Video, making me flee his house before playing the one game I was interested in. So it wasn't until the early 2000s that I finally got to beat Sonic CD, and enter into that elitist group of Sonic the Hedgehog snobs who praise the game and look down on the millions of people who never got to enjoy it (because cool things are cooler when you can lord it over people). Well bad news for a-holes, but good news for Sonic fans: Sonic CD is on iOS, lovingly recrafted, and you can all enjoy the hell out of it.

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