How Call of Duty Beat Halo

Though many gamers were recently focused on the war between Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and EA's Battlefield 3, the whole thing was more of an elaborate PR stunt on EA's part rather than an actual competition. Not that I'm complaining, of course, as game journalists like myself got to turn off our brains for a few months and pump out ridiculous comparison editorials regarding the imagined drama...

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thrasherv32590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Lets be real, there is only one(main) reason it took over the "mainstream" FPS market: killability. Anyone can get a kill in MW. Just camp with your back to the wall with a Type-95 and wait for some unlucky foe to cross your path. It's that simple.

@Below: But I don't think the multiplayer progression is all that important to your casual gamer. Sure, it won over a huge chunk of the hardcore market that way but to gamers like my cousin(who can barley get one kill in other games but can hold his own in MW) the killability wins him over. One burst one kill. No map learning, no countering other gamers play styles. Just wait for the enemy to come to him.

DarkBlade46582590d ago

I dont know if I'd say that's the only reason, but sure, easiness of kills might definitely be a factor. I think progressing in multiplayer is also pretty important, might be why it won me over personally.


I hear you thrasherv3, but i would say cod or mw has become that it didn't start off with such an extreme unbalance towards noobs.

Cod4 had the right balance for a noob to get into it, but if you were a really good hardcore player you could still go into a loosing game and turn it around and win it. it felt more rewarding with the way the guns felt and everything about the pace of the game just felt right.

They have completely fucked it all up now with MW3 Camping sucks, but I can understand why some people camp so much. The other group of people playing just run around and spray, but when you are running around trying to spray and everything you do is a few seconds behind the other team, well no mater how fast or accurate you are, you are constantly on the loosing end. so if you cannot face someone head on because of the delay, well you are just going to camp and shoot people in the back.

it's funny because on the one hand cod has not changed, but then actually it has changed a lot. play cod4 and you can feel a massive difference. The people who camped in cod4 were mostly snipers (which you would expect) but in mw3 snipers are running around like the guys with smgs and quick scoping. the people who camp are the ones with AR's which you never use to get.

I lost interest in halo when it felt like it had become to inconsistent for me to play. i would shoot a guy double melee him and would return one melee and shoot a little and I would die WTF..

cod4 everything just worked well and thats what everyone got hooked on. I am seeing less and less of my friends playing MW3 now and I think it's a real sign people are starting to wake up. There will never be another cod4 and IW have proved they can only make the game worse.

cyclonus0072588d ago


One is multi-platform. The other isn't.

B-radical2588d ago

I agree halo would have alot more sales if it was multi platform the sales war would be alot closer.

Micro_Sony2588d ago

That and if Halo were to be released yearly.

Can not wait for Black Ops 2 next year -_-

B-radical2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Halo to me is way better then cod. I love halo's ops single player was prob the worse stupidiest story ever. Medal of honor 2010 story was alot better.

The halo universe is excellent Halo 4 will be exploring the forerunner planet keeeeeeeeeeeeeen

*stupidest aha

Tommy3342588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Halo 3 sucked so please dont overhype halo 4 just yet.

B-radical2588d ago

Im not overhyping buddy just saying im keen for this hasn't been explored in halo yet :D

drsnobby2588d ago

Halo is the reason COD is enjoying its success.halo laid down the foundation for FPS's to be played on consoles.COD borrowed elements from halo and vice-versa.all FPS's on consoles owe alot of gratitude to halo for coming to the forefront on consoles.the title should read"If it weren't for halo".

drsnobby2588d ago

Yes i have,but were talking about halo for consoles and its effect on the FPS genre on CONSOLES!!.DOOM did for PC's what halo did for consoles.

palaeomerus2587d ago

Doom? Really? CoD borrows a lot from the game with no freelook, no jump, no grenades, no vehicles, a 2.5-D sprite engine, and one type of each weapon ?


CoD 2 copied a LOT of Halo's control scheme and it's recovering health system. What did it borrow from Doom except simply being in the FPS genre?

cyborg69712588d ago

Wrong. The game that is the spring board for fps's on console is goldeneye.

tigertron2588d ago

Sorry, but the only thing COD has beaten Halo on is sales.

Halo wipes the floor on every other level. Gameplay, graphics, story, characters, multiplayer etc. The list goes on.

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