Nvidia's Christmas Present; Geforce 290.53 Beta Driver Is Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "As promised, Nvidia released a new ForceWare beta driver for its cards. This new driver is essential to all 3D Vision owners as it includes 3D profiles for a lot of games that were released these past days. Moreover, there are some updated SLI profiles so be sure to download it if you own an SLI system. Last but not least, the company has included native ambient occlusion support for Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3."

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ChrisW2590d ago

I've been waiting for this. That previous beta that they released for Skyrim's ambient occlusion caused some rather funky effects.

T9002590d ago

Well Nvidia driver support is really solid and in todays day and age thats really what counts.

hiredhelp2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Have you checked the forums lately.
Have you wonderd why nvidia asking for people send there cards in so they do some tests replicate the issues people are getting.
Why do you think DX11.1 is comming for some people like yourself not effected but soo many that are.
TDR people been asking for them to fix for a long time that was caused by firefox IE9 im getting the new amd cards after xmas going back to ati. (amd)
Nvidia was my no1 for many years.

ninjahunter2590d ago

Dont gotta be so sour bro.
Everyone knows nvidia has vastly superior drivers and game support. More and more developers are switching to nvidia. some games just arent playable on ATI anymore. Your going to have a much more enjoyable experience with nvidia, unless you like hassles.

Dude4202590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Oh come on, ATI's drivers may not be as good as nVidia's, but they're far from being a hassle. Everyone has problems with cards of either company. Right now I've had more problems with my GTX 560 than I did with my HD5770.

The problem with my GTX 560 is not hardware related at all, I've checked my temps, voltages etc..., and nothing is wrong with it. The 2 problems I have with it now is the TDR with the 285.xx drivers and the Battlefield 3 crash with the GTX 560, both are ACTUALLY common problems, it won't be hard to find on the internet.

I'm still keeping my GTX 560 Ti though, it's an awesome card, but these problems are getting rather tiresome and I really want to play BF3. Every other game works but that. I really hope these beta drivers fix the problem.

Dude4202590d ago

Just tried the beta drivers, nope they still haven't fixed the BF3 crash issue. Every other game works but not BF3.

hiredhelp2590d ago

Firstly if i seemed harsh my bad.
I do have a gtx560 well SLI or did have.
I know TDR isnt a problem with my card,Why simle up untill the bf3 beta came out i had no TDR.
Since the install of the drivers from the beta upwrods i have had TDR.
Now for the horrid BF3.EXE error oh god that did my head in,However i have resolved that issue weeks ago by taken out my video card so i now have the 1 card. But i found once i replaced that video card back in NO BF3.EXE issues strange but worked.
As for TDR a nvidia guy on frums has stated it is a issue they working with MS on.
Plus i only get tdr when im browsing the web or idle. and no not power managment issue ive looked at that in windows.
;) thanks guy's

Dude4202589d ago

@ hiredhelp

I'm not sure if you think I replied to you, my post was actually directed at ninjahunter to point out the ridiculousness of his post.

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Mutley4162590d ago

found out the hardway that 3d ready and on Nvidia list not the same thing...but thats ok...just another excuse to research and buy more Monitors :)

Taz Yamauchi2590d ago

I will download this when I get home, for some reason the last beta didn't put COD MW3 into 3D mode on my pc when I connected it to my 3dtv, I hope these one will work fine

john22590d ago

Just a hint: These drivers have a Framelimiter option (that is hidden and is not shown in the Control Panel) ;)