PSU's Top 5 Worst Games of the Year

PSU writes:

"With Christmas right around the corner, wanted to warn our readers of the PS3 games that may look promising as great holiday gifts but are in fact a waste of money. In our opinion, these are the titles that look great on the outside, but are deceiving to what lays within. The following list of titles does not include movie tie-ins, as we're all too well aware of the 'quality' involved with such games. With that said, let us begin…"

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MK_Red4983d ago

Why didn't they put crappy EA games like Madden PS3 in that list?
The only good part about the whole thing was Sonic the Hedgehog which is indeed a terrible game and this breaks my heart to say so as I've always loved Sonic and it's games.

RadientFlux4983d ago

I agree all the games on the list are terrible.

The only change I would have done is remove SOF:Payback from that list and replace it with Lair. I've played both games and given the option I would re-play SOF:Payback over Lair any day.

mighty_douche4983d ago

Good Fair List.... no bias, no favouritism, just 5 sh!t games.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi4983d ago

Are you mad? lair should have been number one. It isn't just the worst game this year or the worst game for a next gen platform. It is the worst game ever made.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi4983d ago

Sonic though not as bad as lair is still much better than Uncharted.
Uncharted should have taken the number 2 spot

Keyser4983d ago

your comment was truly crazy. There have been games that received a 1 this year so there are quite a few games worst than Lair and Sonic for that matter.

You can even bring Uncharted up in this thread other than to say it's far superior than all the games listed.

I hope you were being sarcastic and I missed it.

Probotector4983d ago

Worst games of the year:

Lair, Heavenly Sword, Super Rub a Dub, The eye of Judgment and Hour of Victory. (And all the Wii conspiracy title games like Ninja Breadman).

NEO_X4983d ago

Lair was not a terrible game certainly not one of the worst this year (consider this is just a opinion) It was definitley not a great game though either but Heavenly sword although wayyyyyyy to short was incredible some of the best story telling and great animations too. Plus throw some good gameplay on top as well. as for EOJ thats a great game if its your style but if you don't like card game you wouldn't like it. But as a whole EYE OF JUDGMENT is well polished and is exactly what it set out to be, actually im most suprised about this one on your list.
anyways I believe you probably just had a bad experience with them and you hold a bit of a grudge with them. but honestly you know that if you played every game that came out this year none of these titles except maybe breadman would be on your list.

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The story is too old to be commented.