Media Create software sales (12/12 – 12/18)

First week sales have been revealed for Final Fantasy XIII-2, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hot Shot Golf 6, and more.

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DaThreats2545d ago

Of course
Why would they buy the 360 Version?

lastdual2545d ago

I'd say the headline is honestly rather redundant.

"In Japan" already tells you that it obviously sold more on the PS3, given the 360's install base there.

Foliage2545d ago Show
sofocado2544d ago

@ Foliage

I don't think that the 360 sucks in Europe.

gaffyh2544d ago

Wow, it didn't even chart. That's insane, I honestly expected the top two spots to be FF13-2, although this only includes about 3 days worth of sales.

JoySticksFTW2544d ago

I don't hope SE goes bankrupt, but SquareEnix does NOT equal Squaresoft.

Squaresoft was in that top-tier magical realm of developers that stuffed it's games with love, character, quality, and soul.

Final Fantasy was a no-brainer, day one purchase for jrpg fans.

I am a HUGE jrpg fan, and I am in no rush to buy this title. I can't trust the reviews because FFXIII was supposed to be great.

I can't trust SquareEnix, because we find out later that enough content was REMOVED from FFXIII to make a second game.

I doubt Squaresoft would remove all of that content (and I mean basic stuff too, like shops) in the SNES days. They stuffed that cartridge to hold their game, which was probably one of the reasons FFVI and Chrono Trigger were $80 back in the day.

Sure stuff ends up on the cutting room floor in each game, but to remove content and then FFXIII-2 appears really irks me.

It's just upsetting to me what's become of Square. They were my absolute favorite developer.

Redempteur2544d ago

Get ready for ff13-3 then

wait maybe i should have put spoilers for this one ..

evilunklebud2544d ago


I think the 360 is doing well in the EU, granted not like the PS3, but to say it sucks is hyperbole.

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zeal0us2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Its Japan so I wasn't expecting it to sell huge on the 360.

Minus that little rant I hope the game sells well when it hit the U.S market on both consoles.

U hit degree because of your dislike of SE currently?

DA_SHREDDER2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I hope this game doesn't sell well on either platform. I've been playing Final Fantasy since the NES days, and I've got to say that FF13 was the worst FF I've ever played. I don't care how good this one is. Square has pushed my buttons for the last time. I hope they go bankrupt.

And like I said, even if this game is good, I'll wait for the huge price drop and buy it used. I'm not giving square another cent. BTW, I doubt this game is gonna be good, the combat system sucked in FF13, and its more or less the same as FF13. It wouldn't be half way bad if it had the old turn based system with some action elements, but even then, I'd still have to deal with the crappy and lifeless characters this time around. The only reason why I remember half of their names was because they were named after elements like Lighting. Honestly, don't even remember anyone else's name lol.

-Mika-2545d ago

I agree. I don't why square even bother releasing it for the 360 in japan. Waste of money.


Seriously stop trolling.

rabidpancakeburglar2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

They release it on the 360 because although they do not have many people buying it, they still have some and they would end up upsetting the people that own 360s and want it.

It's quite clear how he's trolling. He's on a post about XIII-2 saying that a game he clearly didn't get near finishing was crap and saying that he hopes the company goes bankrupt because they released a game he didn't like.

It's clear trolling and it's not welcome.

papashango2545d ago

How is shredder trolling. I agree with him 100%.

I wasted way too much money because se can't get their crap in order

Godmars2902545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I want to agree with you but you've taken it too far. My hope is that Square might learn from the fundamental mistake of XIII in that trying to cater to a new market, the West and the 360, that they divided their efforts with the game.

I'm not buying XIII-2 because I hope Sqaure goes bankrupt, I'm not touching it at all because XIII's story was uninteresting to me. So why would I want to continue it?

Wada's probably still under the misconception that the Sqaure name alone will make any brand they wish to support revilant. If not for the 360 in Japan, then FF in the West. Nevermind that the latter already had a following, he probably think he can crap out a soul-less JRPG and egt COD numbers. On the Xbox. Forget that XIII's sales have already told him otherwise.

Thing is, XIII-2 500k sales wont send either a strong enough or proper message. Likely wont save vsXIII.

Your point would be valid, but then Last Remnant has been on the upper of PS3's most wanted for years and its still canceled.

maniacmayhem2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

@da_shredder, godmars and any others who feel the same...

So let me get this right, you want Square to fail and or go bankrupt. Which means employers losing Jobs, people out of work and so on just because you didn't like ONE of their FF games? Correct?

Let's just forget the fantastic games they put out in the past or some of the current ones they published that were good. Lets just focus on one game that you guys didn't like and wish doom on the whole company.

How did Square "cater" to the west? What is this new market for Square? From my understanding they have been bringing FF's to the west since the old NES days. Now all of a sudden they need to learn a lesson for catering to the West and a new market? I mean unless I was playing imported, non translated games all this time I could swear square supported the west with a lot of their ff titles.

should they support an old market?

you should do what everyone else seems to be doing putting all their faith in Versus. Which for some reason will be square's savior and return to form even though there is next to little known about it and it has been delayed since the ps3 launched.

Godmars2902545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I said that I'm not buying FFXIII-2, not that I hope Square goes bankrupt.

And Square's said that they made XIII with the West in mind. That they've said that and about anything else they believe will sell the game, weather its true or not, is why their credibility's in the crapper now as far as I'm concerned.

Another thing that's messed them up is Wada's belief that the Xbox would make a better platform for his company, that he can repeat what happened with the move from Nintendo to Sony back in the day, only its a half-assed attempted. With features being taking out instead of build upon, and the whole production effort becoming divided between XIII and XIII-2.
And then there's announcing vsXIII the same time. That alone should shake any faith anyone has in that game. Especially after all this time.

Square's made a mess of themselves this generation and they certainly shouldn't be rewarded for it.

papashango2545d ago

In all for se in danger of or actually going bankrupt. I don't remember where I read this but a long while back I remember reading japanese devs looked to work at se not because they desired to make a great game but because of job security.

I say screw that. I believe everyone here at n4g is smart enough to know that being in the game industry is everything but safe.

And I'm not of the opinion that ff13 was catered to the west. The characters closely resemble your generic feel good anime.

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El_Barto2545d ago

How is this not labeled at trolling? I don't care what the article is, trolling is trolling, yet this fool has 40+ agrees.

Nice N4G!

Majin-vegeta2545d ago

Well FF is popular on the PS brand.

FPSRUSSIA2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

it started off on sonys brand

jacksonmichael2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

What now?

Edit: Oh! Russia! I get it! The first FF to be localized in your region was VII, wasn't it? Is that what you mean?

-Mika-2545d ago

Guys what he meant was that FF7 made the ff brand popular. It was ok in the past but it blew up with ff7. That a fact.

trenso12545d ago

so the NES is a sony console...right and dreamcast was made by apple. get your facts straight.

MariaHelFutura2545d ago


Actually the PSone started out as the Nintendo CD technology, but Nintendo pulled some shady moves last minute and Sony backed out and released the tech in the a new console which became the PSone.

But yes, FF started out on Nintendo and yes FF7 made the series soooo popular.

user8586212545d ago

LOL! and the stupidest comment goes to....

baodeus2545d ago

I also remember playing ff7,8 on the pc, so it start on MS brand as well?

Biggest2545d ago

What part of start do you not understand? He was wrong about FF starting on a Sony console. However, FF became as big as name as it is today because of a Sony console. If we are talking about THAT particular start, he is correct. The PC versions of FF were released much later. Which would mean it started, and I do mean the popularity it enjoys today, on a Sony console.

Prophet-Gamer2545d ago

It didn't start on PS1, FF has been around for way longer. In fact, some of the best FF games (at least imo) came out before FFVII. Though I do agree that it was the PS brand that made FF as huge as it is today.

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Mohdunknown2545d ago

Wow, FF13 had an opening of 1.5 million when it launched in Dec 2009.

Major drop

Dno2545d ago

this is sorta a spin off. spin offs never sell as much as direct sequels. this is actually really good as ff13 was not received well.

nightmarex1212545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Well for a spin-off it's not that bad, i don't think any of spin-off actually have reach the the original numbers. Plus their was a lot of hate after people bought ff13 and became disappointed.
@DNO lol great minds think a like xD

papashango2545d ago ShowReplies(1)
trenso12545d ago

well atleast it is doing ok, but bad compared to 13 when it launched

Steelz4ever2545d ago

good numbers! it will do well overall. Here's my guess

PS3 #s
Japan - 1M
Europe - 1.5
USA - 1.5

XBox #s

Japan 100k
Europe - 750k-1M
USA - 750k - 1M

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