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Mister_V2497d ago

Dude, that map actually looks really cool. Might sound silly, but the fall setting looks really nice. Lets just hope the design is a little... different than current MW3 maps.

Dovahkiin2497d ago

IMHO the maps in MW3 were poorly designed, i think CoD4 and MW2 did it right, for the most part (excluding spawn points).

Criminal2497d ago

In my opinion, MW3 has the poorest map design in the whole cod series including Treyarch's games.

DARK WITNESS2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

"(excluding spawn points). " you say that almost like the spawn points in MW3 are better. MW3 has the worst spawn points of them all.

I would rather the spawns worked as they did in Cod4, yes it sucked if your team was shit, but thats the whole point, you learned how to work as a team to suppress and ultimately destroy the othr team. now everyone is a loan wolf running and spraying then getting killed by the guy they just prayed because he just spawned two feet behind him.

worst spawn system in any game in my opinion.

As for the new maps... zero interest. I have no faith in IW/SH. they made 16 of the worst maps in any Cod game, what are the odds they will get anymore right? And no doubt they are going to be 1200 points and there will be like 3 or 4 of them.

Na I will pass.

BX812496d ago

I have to agree. Everytime we play we complain about the poor map design and spawning. The problem with cod is this, they make every map available for every game type. How does S&D on dome make sense? They need to take a page from Battle field and adjust the maps to the game type and avoid being lazy.

Disccordia2496d ago

Raven Software either developed the maps that shipped or the dlc maps

SolidStoner2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Cod maps are more for s&d mode, you know where enemy team spawned and you have to work like a team to rush and kill your enemy/plant bomb.. all other modes TDM, KC, CTF etc. all are crap spawn points are big mistake and ruins all the fun.. it presses people to camp, cuz if you move anytime enemy will spawn behind you.. total bull crap
EDIT- they have to make it like in Killzone, where enemy have theyr BASE defended by turrets enemy cant pass them, but spawn is very understandable and push players to play like a team..

edit on topic- if there will be 4 maps for 15$ then I will 100% pass..
I rather buy for 30$ all old maps from all previous COD (they are like about 80 maps) well that would be fun, imagine playing COD all day long and maps never will be the same..

frostypants2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Great point about the original MW spawns. You could actually play as a squad to some extent in MW, but the spawn points in MW3, and to a lesser extent MW2, make everyone a lone wolf.

As time goes on I just get angrier and angrier about MW3. Most games, you learn to appreciate them. MW3 just gets worse the more you realize how much they've screwed up since the original. It's not even fun with friends because EVERYONE is constantly pissed off at the game. I've never sold a game to Gamestop this soon after buying it, but MW3 may be the first.

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r1sh122497d ago

i think every person playing mw3 agrees that the mw3 maps are the worst maps ever created in any game
They have been created to make sure you get shot in the back consistently

princejb1342497d ago

yea they did it to reduce camping
which has worked

FFXI1012497d ago

"yea they did it to reduce camping
which has worked "

No it did not. People still camp, I camp if I feel like it.

To see they are working on DLC(new maps)is nice, because like many peole mention here, MW3 has the worst maps compare to CoD4 or MW2.

However, I'd like to see them fix the spawn issue and the quick scope problem first.

StanLee2496d ago

I play Domination because in previous Call of Duty games, it was the easiest of game modes to predict the spawns and not be frustrated by a broken spawn system but it Modern Warfare 3, it's just random. I a team is holding A and another team is holding B and C why is it that, when players on team A are killed they're spawning behind me at C? The spawn system is rubbish. I just don't play the game anymore.

r1sh122496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

IT has not stopped camping in anyway.
If you come across a squad of 6 who know what they are doing, map control is still key, and spawn trapping a team is easier than ever.
If you dont camp and move around the map the chance of someone spawning on you is insane, and since they tried to make spawn trapping/killing harder, a person who has spawned has a spawn shield for like 5 seconds or something..
So the first few bullets dont count, I have videos on my fileshare of something similar..
Me and some friends trapped another team in domination and literally pre fired a corner with LMG's. Its was a joke how bad it was.
if you know the spawn points you can kill a team off easily.

Edit: FOr me personally MW1 and WaW had the best maps.
WaW were open but with buildings and decent spawn system. Year on year the number 1 complaint in every COD is the spawn system which they dont change.
I got MW3 for free, so Im lucky I didnt pay for it.

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S_C2497d ago

Glad to see the maps are more open

-Superman-2496d ago

Its me or MW3 maps seems to not have shadows?
I mean, almost all maps looks too bright and wierd... I remember CoD 4 and MW2 had some colors and darkness and shadows... but MW3 i see only always same colors and no shadows.

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LightSamus2497d ago

Looks a "bit" like the first part of Paris Metro in BF3. Not trying to start fanboy wars or anything, just commenting on the similarities.

seanpitt232497d ago Show
Ethereal2497d ago

I think the spawn logic is the most flawed aspect of MW3 level design. Some maps are worst then others though. Looking forward to some nice open maps for us legit snipers.


You mean there are actually guys like you still trying to play MW3? I take my hat off to you Sir!

Ethereal2491d ago

Yea there are like three people in the world that like to snipe legit, not this QS bullshit.

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