SSX First Gameplay Teaser

Check out the EA SPORTS SSX: First Look Gameplay Teaser as Alex breaks out her wingsuit skills, Tane shows you what it's like to get tricky, Elise grinds her way to the top and throws in a few ubers while she's up there, Moby rewinds to get back on track, and finally Eddie...well, Eddie is just being Eddie! SSX ships Feb.28 in North America & by March 2 in rest of world.

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Fyflin2519d ago

This looks awesome!! SSX was one of my favourite series on the PS2. Does anyone know if it will have a rewind feature like forza does? The video seems to show something similar.

LoLZoRz2519d ago

well, you just saw that there's a rewind feature. when you rewind you'll lose points as penalty.

LoLZoRz2519d ago

N4G is so slow. :)

saw this yesterday and made me so pumped.

guacman882519d ago

Eddy is Back Yessssssss also this looks good

SonyStyled2519d ago

reminds me how much i loved them on PS2, but now im super psyched because they got the song young blood from the naked and famous in it! songs awesome