"Super Mario 3D Land vs iPhone Games" or "The True Definition of Hardcore and Casual Gaming"

In this editorial I try to point out how it seems Nintendo found a way to change the Mario experience with Super Mario 3D Land to specifically target casual gamers while retaining its classic Nintendo quality.

And also, the true definition of hardcore and casual gaming is finally revealed.

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blaaah2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Super Mario series = hardcore gaming's pinnacle. Nobody even realizes it... The best part about it is that Mario is actually YOU!

eferreira2545d ago

I like mario 3d land but it seems so easy. Just got to world 4 with over 60 lives and found every coin.

SonyNGP2545d ago

That's what I thought, until I reached the Special worlds...

Optical_Matrix2545d ago

Lol wait until you reach the Special Worlds man. It's actually quite challenging. I'm currently on the 2nd Special World. I think that Super Mario 3D Land proves why real handheld gaming demolishes smartphone gaming. Brilliant game.

Menashe2544d ago

I agree with the others here. Special Worlds will eat you up alive. The game goes from "pretty easy" in the main world to "really hard" in the Special Worlds. I'm also in Special World and haven't really made it farther.

burgerman2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Phone games reminds me of the early years of the gaming industry. There were clones of clones. Pong had a million different versions. The market was overly saturated. ANYONE with a small amount of programming skills could make a game. It took Atari's massive 5200 failure to make people realize what they have gotten themselves into.

The handheld market will sort itself out eventually. I'm just worried that console developers(EA recently) are becoming more interested in the casual market and will abandon or lose interest with their current audiences.

klecser2545d ago

Bubble up. The market is saturated with shovelware. Apple seems to be so "proud" of their half a million apps, a great majority of them are buggy or just plain bad. We are living through 400,000 "ET The Extra Terrestrial" games right now and Apple is being praised by tech blowhard morons for it.

matey2544d ago

3d land is amazing got the game iphone dream on thats all i can say

klecser2544d ago

Super Mario 3D Land is amazing! I got the game. iPhone, dream on! That's all I can say!

There ya go. Punctuation added for ya. ;)

Samus HD2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I just bought "mario kart 7" and when I try to play online says: you must agree with term and conditions, But when I go to agree, it says it isn't aviable in your Region !!!!
eShop doesn't open too (isn't available in your region)
I am connected though (DS games work)
how to work - someone give me an answer

Venox20082544d ago

maybe try to change 3DS region from settings.. I mean your country..

Samus HD2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Thanks Man, very very very thank you .
I mean it didn't come up to my mind -4-
It was a little thing but sometimes you get confused with those.
I owe you man

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