2011: Defined By Indies, Redefining Indie Gaming argues that 2011 hasn't just been defined by Indie games, but that it marks a turning point for the entire industry.

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "Indie games are - in fact, they've always been - the premier driving force behind gaming innovation... but they've effectively been segregated from the mainstream as an unsung second tier. Many gamers simply ignored them out of hand, or didn't treat them as anything more than a diversion or quirky parallel market; shafting them in favour of the garish triple-A monsters who can afford massive advert campaigns and hype offensives. In effect, hundreds of hardworking developers became second class gaming citizens as their wares were treated differently from all other titles by retailers, publishers and gamers alike. This year, however, has heralded an amazing shift in the dynamic, and one that I fully believe will shape our industry for the better."

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