Iron Wolf is the Codename for Black Ops 2

A couple reasons why Iron Wolf is the codename for Black Ops 2, and why the next Call of Duty game certainly won't be called "Call of Duty: Iron Wolf".

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GanjaMan2544d ago

I called it, knew they were gona make a sequel to black ops. Tbf I think black ops is better than mw3 with the zombies and especially the maps!

Shackdaddy8362542d ago

Blops is certainly better than MW3 but I hope they make it better this time around. Make the guns feel different, fix hit detection, better/new killstreaks, lag, spawning, etc.

Trey seems to be the only company out of the two that's trying to do new things each time(zombies, wager, etc) so I'm hopeful that they will make me like the series again...

Tommy3342544d ago

Cant wait for my zombies

topekomsi2543d ago

This Is exciting news, treyarch really did a good job wit BO (mInus hit detect). Will be nice to see what they offer this time round.