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Wintersun6162496d ago

I'm not sure if it's a valid thing to say that 3DS outsold the Vita. That report has the 3DS sales from the whole week, while the Vita sales are only from 2 days because it was released on 17th.

GribbleGrunger2496d ago

totally agree. that's two days sales V a weeks sales. it's a real pity that Sony couldn't have shipped a million units for Christmas because i reckon they could have come close to selling them all

GribbleGrunger2496d ago

i'd be interested in finding out what people have disagreed with. are you disagreeing with the fact that it's two days sales V a weeks sales or are you disagreeing that Sony could have sold nearly a million by Christmas if they'd have shipped more? remember, these are only 2 days figures. and also remember i said 'close'. 700,000 would have been close enough for me

tarbis2496d ago

These sales does not include the the online pre-order ones too.

DigitalAnalog2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I think christmas sales "translate" differently in Asia then it is in the US. For instance, here in Hong Kong we get a JUMP in prices as opposed to discounts on christmas.

eagle212496d ago

Well, 3DS still debuted #1 in a non-holiday month with only a few days worth of a sales week. This still shows how strong 3DS is now, the sales remained.

Wintersun6162496d ago

I agree with you and I'm glad to see 3DS going strong for the sake of competition. I just pointed out the flaw in comparing 7 day sales to 2 day sales and saying the 7 day sales outsold the 2 day sales.

miyamoto2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Maybe its a biased statement from Gamingeverything which used to be Nintendoeverything but for me as long as Sony and Nintendo are able to keep Japanese gaming alive and kicking then its all good. They have bigger problems to deal with instead of competition among themselves.
So, Bonzai Nippon!!!

klecser2496d ago

Well said. This isn't about one beating the other. They both did well this week and that bodes well for handheld gaming. Thats what people should be happy about.

AdvanceWarsSgt2496d ago

I applaud you both for posting well-said and completely unbiased opinions, something I rarely see on this site.

avenger.avrs2496d ago

gamingeverything isnt nintendoeverything they are 2 different websites:) although they are ran by some of the same people...they are the least biased website i have ever been on

Tarantino_Life2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

How stupid is this article. The 3DS sales are for the entire week. These gaming journalists are dumb. These morons are an insult to gaming.. The douchebag who posted this... 'Valay' change the fking title you idiot..

SpitTake2496d ago

wow your stupid, this isn't an article, he didn't say anything, he just posted the numbers.

avenger.avrs2496d ago

exactly lol he is thinking of another article floating around n4g lol

kaozgamer2495d ago

Tarantino is just basically saying that the guy who posted it should point out that the vita's sales figure is from 2 days not a whole week

SpoonyRedMage2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Alright then... come back next week and see which system is on top. (HINT: Probably not Vita)

GribbleGrunger2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

you are probably right. Sony just can't ship that amount of Vitas just yet

@Spoony. proving once and for all that exclusives DO sell hardware and that other devices without these exclusives will not kill off the handheld market. as Nintendo recently said themselves. come on Nintendo and Sony, it's time to get back to the good old days

VampiricDragon2496d ago

the 3ds started at number 1 even with 2 days. The vita couldnt manage it because the 3ds is selling ridiculously and theres no end in sight

ff rythm, kingdom hearts, resident evil, kid icarus and mroe before the end of the fiscal year

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