Rumor: Final Fantasy XV To Be Announced At E3 2012

GamesMaster UK is claiming that Square Enix has something special planned for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy next year.

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rebirthofcaos2494d ago

yessssss, they cant even finish versus /s

redDevil872494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I'm pretty sure FFV13 is going to be a PS4 launch title. If anyone thinks i'm trolling, trust me i'm not. Japanese developers take agessssssss with games. Looks at Yamauchi and Umeda.

Hopefully Sony show or announce something this year, i really do.

Arksine2494d ago

I doubt it. Too much time has been spent on it to scrap it and transition to a new platform. It will be a transition title, similar to FFXII (which was also in development for a long time).

The biggest issue with Versus is that it was announced too early. They didn't start focusing on it until after FFXIII was finished.

NukaCola2494d ago

Why can't I get Kingdom Hearts III? I think if this is true, SE is getting way overboard with the projects. Focus on a couple things at a time. What about XIV on PS3?

Caffo012494d ago

@ Nukacola

FFXIV is expected to start ps3 beta on november 2012..completely redesigned!


Coltrane_C2493d ago

You don't want FFXIV...No one can save that travesty

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Ddouble2494d ago

XV will probably be Versus. I doubt SE want to make another game with the number XIII after seeing XIII-2's sales today.

As for it being a multiplatform, I can see that happening as well unfortunately.

Disccordia2493d ago

What was wrong with the sales? I thought I saw half a million which is great for first day in Japan

Prophet-Gamer2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

If this happens... nope, I really can't even get any more disappointed with SE, I just can't. At this point, I really don't care anymore. I'll buy Vs when it releases if it's still an exclusives and it still shows promise. Other than that, I'm done with SE. Unless they're able to pull out a miracle with the next installment (which knowing SE is impossible), I really don't care.

sirdrake2493d ago

you are done with SE? So any other game that comes out that they are part of you are just going to boycott? Cool. Have fun.

I guess DE: Human Revolution sucked too. Oh and the new Tomb Raider looks like junk. I hope you don't play that one. Oh right, and Hitman Absolution looks like trash too right? What about the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distnace? That is probably also going to be sh*tty.

Yah, i hope you stop supporting SE because all their new games suck. I hope you you miss these potential hits because of your ignorance.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS42493d ago

How long new game? When released first trailer started date:
Final Faintasy XIII complete game on FEB 2010!!

FFXIII versus 4yr.

XIV online ps3 2yr...............

FFXV If go 5 year do PS5 LOL

!!!FINAL FANTASY VII remake!!! yet release like 6yr? SE failed. Waste of time SE.

sirdrake2493d ago

sorry dude, your post doesnt even make sense.

Ddouble2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Half a million for the first week is small for a console FF game in Japan. FF games are usually 1 million+ sellers, even X-2 did 1.5 mmillion in it's first week which was 400K less than X while XIII-2 sold a million less than XIII.

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WhiteLightning2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Oh for the love of god, why don't they just make FF13 Versus into FF15

It gets the meda spotlight back onto "Versus"
Sqaure will have more publicity for it, thus leading to more sales
We finally get a good FF game this gen
Versus dosen't need to be a spin off anymore
and it can also distance it's self from FF13

Everyone wins....

Just rename Versus Sqaure

PshycoNinja2494d ago

I totally agree. For the love of Christ just finish Versus XIII Square before you announce FFXV (Unless FF Versus XIII is Final Fantasy XV in which case, Hellz ya.)

Poseidon132494d ago

if you like it or not FFvsXIII is part of FNC and FFXV should be something new without all that Etro s***

WhiteLightning2494d ago

Well Final Fantasy Agito XIII was and still is tied to the Fabula Nova Crystallis series but they still re named it to Type-0.

Anyway FF13 Versus only has things here and there of the mythology from FF13s universe but lets face it you really have to read deep into FF13 complicated story to know that. Plus Versus has been in development for a while now they could of easily changed the mythology of Versus

Besides if you look at the gameplay from Versus can you honestly tell me they look like they come from the same universe. You have FF13 which is bright and colourful...then Versus with it's dark themed realistic looking city.

DigitalRaptor2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

@ WhiteLightning,

I do understand your sentiment, but it's far too late now. I know you want it changed, but it's not gonna happen. FFXV is saved for main entry games.

We all know by now, Versus XIII is different from your traditional FF game by the very nature of the gameplay - it's Nomura's experimental side FF, and it looks amazing. But it doesn't warrant the XV name.

And about the universe thing. A universe is a BIG place. They could be set on different planets or something.

Poseidon132494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


If they rename versus they would never make XV out of it and there is no point since this game was announced at the same time. It would be weird if it turns out that XIII and "XV" were announced at the same time lol.

I don't think the mythology will be changed. Nomura said there are still fal'cies, l'cies and stuff like that in versus.

well, vsXIII looks different and you have a point with that, but I don't like that "real world" concept. I would rather see FFXV look like FFX :P

TheBlackMask2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


Your joking right, I'm with Whitelightning on this one, it's not too late we don't have a clue what Square have been up to since they last showed us something. It's just a name, then you have to remember that they said it would only share a few things with FF13 not the entire backstory of it's or their universe.

You say Versus is differen't from a traidtional FF game but then thing is so was FF13, thats why it was so bad.

At the end of the day Versus should of been a main title FF game because it's more of a FF game then FF13. Like what the guy above has said and many others point out a game that looks this good should not be a spin off, FF13 should of been the spin off while Versus should of been the main title FF game. FF13 wouldn't of gotten so much hate if it was just seen as a spin off game.

Trust me, FF13 Versus looks more like a traditional FF game then FF13. Fair enough both are differen't but if I or many others like WL had to choose between the two I would pick Versus.

Versus deserves to be a main entery game not a spin off of a crappy FF game which SHOULD OF BEEN the spin off

Anyway do you think online games like FF11 and FF14 deserved to be main title FF games.


"If they rename versus they would never make XV out of it and there is no point since this game was announced at the same time"

It has been in development for years you know, they can change it to FF15 if they wanted it to. As it's been said before FF Type 0 had it's name changed near the end of it's development. Lets not forget that FF14 was announced shortly after and it's an online game

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TheBlackMask2494d ago

Why can't they just it an exclusive again, hasn't it showed Sqaure with FF13 on the 360 that nobody cares that much about it. Instead of learning though now they have to put it on the Wii U and PC.....<sigh>

Once they see how well Final Fantasy 13: Versus does in sales for the PS3 they might change their tune.

dark-hollow2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Why do you care if it was released for pc or wii u?

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Prophet-Gamer2494d ago

PC or Wii U wouldn't be a problem, but 360 would just lead to more gimping. At this point, it's a proven fact that the 360's use of DVD really does hamper games. There's no arguing about, it's a fact. I wouldn't mind if it came out on the Wii U/Ps3/PC, as long as it's not gimped by the 360 yet again, it'll be fine.

NYC_Gamer2494d ago

the game sold 1 million+ copies on the 360 can you really blame square for waiting that extra profit.this is the gaming industry it's a business there is no loyalty to brands and every company understands this....

FrigidDARKNESS2494d ago

I totally agree, people forget about the escalating costs of game developement and if they can get those extra dollars to off set it they will release it on multiple platforms. If Ffxiii-2 sells 2million on the 360 you can bet that all future FF will b on the 360" If FFXV is announced at e3 2012 it will be for next gen console.

papashango2494d ago

I think he's blaming the 360 for se's shortcomings...

jacksonmichael2494d ago

I'm not the type to assume that every game from a company comes from the same studio, but... Finish Versus first. Geez...

Godmars2902494d ago

Will FFXV simply be the renamed vsXIII for the PS4/Next Box? Probably.