Vita locks users' trophies to game cards... but not quite as stringently as it first appears

GamesRadar - The problem with consoles coming out in Japan first is that, importers aside, a lot of user reports are mis-translated and then reported as fact in the Western world. And so it's been with PlayStation Vita games, where it appeared that Trophies were linked to retail cartridges to the extent that you couldn't earn trophies on a different user account if you played the game on another machine.

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Dante1122495d ago

Lol, that "you can't get trophies for used game" bs is still going around. Just like the new rumor that alot of people are having trouble with their PS Vita and that Sony apologised (Sony was talking about their phones but since it was in Japanese, engadget totally lied for hits and said they were talking about the Vita).

GirlyGamer2495d ago

If i understand correctly people were worried that you can't win trophies on a used game. But all you need to do (pretty obvious if you think about it) is delete the saved data of the game, so it's like new again, which is what everyone does anyway.