Vita Developers Can Turn Off Features in order to push Performance

it has been revealed that developers for the Playstation Vita can disable features in order to extend battery life and processing power.

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Kur02493d ago

Great idea to give developers more control.

MasterCornholio2492d ago

Yeah like what devs do with dark souls where they disable cross game chat to add to the immersion. It also allows the Vita to last longer as well. However if the Vita is plugged in nothing should be turned off.


blumatt2492d ago

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good they're giving devs. more flexibility, but I just hope certain things remain universal. Things like in-game music I would like to have the option to use that whenever I want on any game.

motherboop2492d ago

Kind of whack. When I'm online playing Golden Abyss, it knocks me offline, kind of like I'm playing a PSOne classic or something.

Ryudo2492d ago

Thanks for this it's been a long time since I read a comment on N4G that made sense?

motherboop2491d ago

What's so difficult to understand? Do you not own a PS3? PSOne classics can not be played online, and Vita treats Uncharted : GA the same way.

Don't just go around looking for people to flame, ask if you don't understand.

GraveLord2492d ago

I don't like this. Whats the point of a social device when some of these games turn off the social features? Portable games aren't supposed to be about graphics....

DivineHand1252492d ago

Does this mean that cross game chat will not work in uncharted golden abyss? Can we have the music player running while playing a game? Can these things still work without reducing the performance of the game. This article should have looked at the negatives of doing this and bring these concerns to sony.

flyingmunky2492d ago

I wonder if Sony is locking out part of the processor like they did on the psp. I think it is neat to get games that look better 2 or 3 years down the road but it would be nice if Sony just allowed developers to use the full potential from the start. Then again I guess they have to streamline the OS footprint or whatever, still though.