Sony is immune to class-action suits? One PS3 owner begs to differ

Sony's had a tough year. After a series of humiliating security breaches, the Japanese firm stood as a punching bag for the tech community, disproving the old adage that any publicity is good publicity. The company reportedly spent $171 million to resolve the fiasco, it's facing a class-action lawsuit and its share price tumbled throughout the year.

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FPSRUSSIA2545d ago

sony will win the law suit

ChrisW2544d ago

Yes, they will. And thus will put the think machine into full motion on how to quasi-legally oppress its customers even further.

Majin-vegeta2545d ago

Don't like what Sony is doing don't buy their products simple as that.Jeez do people not have brains nowadays??

KimoNoir2544d ago

Theyre defending people like you and i so we dont have to bend over if all goes south. If no one defends you, then you'll be forced into bad business practices. For example!

You bought a pc from dell and the terms and conditions somewhere within that 21 page says you have no right to return this product nor sue anyone at all if you find a piece of real doggy poop inside the box.

I would sure as hell wanna sue those asshole business heads.

Neko_Mega2544d ago

Yet their is no reason to sue Sony, Geo try and failed.

You better have the money or it will be a waste of time and money for you.

cyclonus0072544d ago

Except there is nothing that says you can't sue. It is a clause that eliminates class action lawsuits and handles lawsuits through mediation instead.

Everyone is just angry because they think they would lose if they tried to foolishly take on the legal team of a multi-billion dollar company like Sony by themselves...and they are right.

If your PS3 blows up and sets your house on fire, you may have a shot. If you are whining that Sony says you have to play by their rules to use their network, forget it.

If you're that mad, toss your system and play on something else, like Xbox...oh wait...

n4gisatroll2544d ago

It doesn't say you can't sue Sony, just no class action suits.

AntoineDcoolette2544d ago

Geo didn't sue Sony. Sony tried to sue Geo' and apparently failed since they reached a settlement instead of Sony getting its way.

GameSpawn2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

In addition to AntoineDcoolette, Geo's lawyers knew he was in a loosing battle and pushed him to settle with, for him at least, the worst punishment being a giant blow to his ego.

Personally I believe Geo got just what he deserved. His ego got so big and blown up someone had to cut it down. On top of that Sony now has their big ass proverbial thumb over him in that if he remotely hacks ANY Sony device not only would he be liable for damages, but he would also possibly have to serve jail time; essentially a probation with no end date.

Obviously this has worked because I have not seen or heard anything of him since the whole debacle.

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hellvaguy2544d ago

How much can you really blame Sony? They have a free online service with prolly volunteer interns manning the guns.

TheOwnmaster2544d ago

Sony is immune to anything that requires money. This is the land of the lawyers.

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