Comrose 2.0 Coming To Battlefield 3 In February

Many Battlefield 3 players have been asking for the Comrose feature to come back to Battlefield 3 and now it seems that it is, and very soon.

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Hufandpuf2495d ago

An interface that allows you to pick commands and sayings to your teammates. Look up commarose or comrose bf2 on youtube.

Dovahkiin2495d ago

Funny that you have disagrees, i guess you should apologize for being curious...

BraveToaster2495d ago

I'm sure the only way to get it will be to buy DLC that will cost $39.99

wAnxTa2495d ago

News for you, this ain't cod brah !

BraveToaster2495d ago

Have you played Team Deathmatch in BF3? Feels a lot like CoD. Also, just because it isn't CoD doesn't mean EA isn't a huge greedy corporation who will try to get your money you any way they can.

Hufandpuf2495d ago


Um, it's called Team Deathmatch bro. They should play similar.

wAnxTa2495d ago

Dont we already have this ? On pc atleast we do.

Kleptic2495d ago

Yeah, pc has it, but the features of it will be expanded. Consoles do not currently have it. The spot function is an all in one command that asks for ammo, gives objective goals, etc. But it gets easily confused. Not sure how it will be implemented on consoles but cool.

PhantomT14122495d ago

yeah but the one we currently have is crappy


Am I the only one who can't play this game? I have it for pc and I keep getting connection to ea lost" even when playing offline campaign night shift. This game sucks.

achmetha2495d ago

have the same issue re: campaign

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