Skyrim Maxed Out Is A Beauty Beast - Top Graphics For The RPG

PC Games maxed out Skyrim. Check Screenshots and a video. It looks geourgeous!

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jthamind2494d ago

what the fuck? lmfao @ top graphics for an RPG.

i used to think Skyrim was beautiful too, but then i took The Witcher to the knee.

i'm sorry, but i played Skyrim on PC with mods, and the graphics are only beautiful from far away. the textures flat out suck once you get up close. and even with hi res texture mods, TW2 still blows it out the water. lol.

Tony P2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It's got some nice changes in the art compared to Oblivion, but the quality bar hasn't really risen all that much. It's more like a great amendment to the art and design instead of an increase in overall quality.

The Witcher 2 however, was able to bump things up significantly in many areas. And it noticeably required better hardware than the last game to do so.

Darkfocus2494d ago

The STALKER games also look better(significantly so with mods) and they have equal draw distance to skyrim.

RedDead2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Art style is the only good looking thing in the game and landscape, and aurora's. Maxing it out on Pc and it still looks like **** up close. Mods will make it amazing soon enoguh but for the moment, graphics(not aesthetics) are pretty average imo

jthamind, medium distance is were it's at. Up close, textures are dreadful, far away, textures aren't even loaded.