'Fenix Rising' dlc announced for Gears of War 3

XMNR: Microsoft and Epic Games announced the third major add-on to Gears of War 3 on Wednesday. "Fenix Rising" is coming on January 17 and brings five new multiplayer maps, four new character skins and an expansion of the leveling system.

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tigertron2590d ago

These maps keep on coming! I take it this is the last bit of DLC that we get from the season pass?

Queasy2590d ago

Nope. This is the third bit of paid DLC so far. One more to go.

tigertron2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Oooh, even better then. I'm hoping the last bit of DLC will be another campaign like Raam's Shadow.

ginsunuva2590d ago

Fenix Rising. Oh so clever!

Fyflin2590d ago

I don't know why but when I saw the title of the DLC I thought it was going to be another single player chapter. Oh well.

NoobJobz2590d ago

I would love to get a remade Fuel Depot in the fourth DLC. That was one of my favs in Gears 1. I like how they are including remakes of the first games maps. Clocktower, gridlock, etc. Good maps.

Also, I'm already sad that Boom Snipes playlist is no longer available. I already miss it. Wish it was a permanent playlist.

bestofthebest2585d ago

fuel depot was my fav also hope they bring it back

MasterD9192589d ago

These maps definitely make the season pass worth it. I like what I see.