Monster Hunter 3G Hits 1 Million Shipped In Japan

Capcom’s announced its shipped 1 million units of Monster Hunter 3G in Japan. The 3DS version of the 2010 Wii online RPG launched on December 10, selling 471,055 units in its first week. The series as a whole since its PS2 debut in 2004 has now sold 20 million units. The next main MH installment, Monster Hunter 4, will launch on 3DS, although when exactly is to be confirmed.

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disturbing_flame3467d ago

Looks like Sony now knows that the 3DS with Monster Hunter 4 is going to be massive.

i don't know if Sony tried to negociate with Capcom the release of Monster Hunters on Vita, but if it isn't the case it can cost a lot of damage to Sony's portable.

Misterhbk3467d ago

My guess is the Vita gets a sequel to the Monster Hunter Portable series. Either way, it's great to see the 3DS getting its fair share of high selling games. Competition is great and this will push Somy and Nintendo to keep pushing their handhelds and giving us great games to play.