MediaKick's Community Game Of The Year 2011: Best Platformer

MediaKick: "As we continue to roll through our list of community games of the year, we come now to one of the most hotly contested categories of this year, the Best Platformer category. With some truly standout tiles this year, all critically renowned, it was always going to be tough to choose a winner here.

This year, we’ve had portable platformers like Super Mario 3D Land, downloadable platformers like the beautiful Outland, the erotic puzzle platformer Catherine, the simply gorgeous Rayman: Origins, the uber-cute LittleBigPlanet 2, and Valve’s stellar Portal 2. Every game on the list had the potential to win, but only one game could take the honours."

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ReservoirDog3162590d ago

I wouldn't ever say Portal 2 and Catherine are platformers honestly.

djhsecondnature2590d ago

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-platformer.

Of course it's a platformer, it doesn't fit in any other category really.

ginsunuva2590d ago

Portal 2... platformer. Really!?