Metal Gear Creator’s Next Game is Set In a "Very Open World"

Hideo Kojima, creator and curator of the Metal Gear franchise, sure loves a tease. Speaking with CNN recently, he starts to get into details about his upcoming game, then like all good teases do, pulls up short just before you get to the good stuff.

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Spenok2544d ago

Hmm, he crouches like Snake would... in another screengrab he is wearing an eyepatch.

100+ hours gameplay.

Open world....

Skyrim Gear Solid?

Foxgod2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

eeew, an online rpg metal gear, no wonder some of the objects are flat looking.
The word "Free" kind of gives it away, the only kind of games that are free, are games with ingame purchase options, such as morrpg's.

MizTv2544d ago

cant wait but i hope is only on ps3 so i get ythe most out of it

Eromu2544d ago

Grand Theft Metal Gear?

Gonna be crazy when you get 6 Wanted Stars and they start coming after you in REXs.

MrBeatdown2544d ago

When I first read about Snake Eater way back in 2003 or 2004, I somehow got the impression that the outdoor environments would be more open. They were still pretty linear.

A Metal Gear set in a wide open area with Snake Eater style survival mechanics staring Big Boss would be incredible.

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