Infinite Ammo's Best Games You've Never Played: Evil Zone

Take some character archetypes from every anime you’ve ever seen, throw them together in the story of an interdimensional battle to stop an evil sorceress, and give us a weird, unusual control scheme while you’re at it. Evil Zone had MADE IN JAPAN written all over it, but whether you were an anime fan or not, this was an original, unique take on the fighting game genre on the PSOne that was well worth playing.

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Godmars2902544d ago

And I'd hardly call it "the Best" game I've ever played.

Presentation, characters and setup are fun though.

Lord_Sloth2544d ago

I KNEW that was Danzaiver in your image!

I loved this game so much so I spent a few yeard traking it (and a few other unique fighting games on the PS1) down and it is safely in my collection in great condition as well.

I break it out and play it once in a while even still.

Alty and Keiya are my favorites though.

It's such a shame that unique games get overlooked because they lack a name.

chaos_mechanica2544d ago

Sorry Godmars, I am a bit of a obscurity fanboy, a guy who absolutely loves random obscure games waaaay more than other people. It had a weird set up but I loved it and appreciated it for its time.

And Lord Sloth, I hated fighting Alty (especially since he usually came to the end of some characters storylines) and I loved Keiya's badass style. My characters were Setsuna and Kakurine, sometimes Midori.