CD: The best multiplayer games of 2011

Console Domination writes: And so it continues, our relentless march towards our overall Game of the Year winners. We can't do that however before determining which games had the best single and multiplayer game play. Today, the plan is to unpack the games we have played this year and get the team to share their thoughts on which of the many quality titles of 2011 they considered to have the definitive multiplayer experiences.

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Septic2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Then be prepared to get disagreed with (not because you're wrong but because know what many people on here are like ;) )

For me personally, Battlefield 3 is a no brainer. The game has sucked me in and I love the sheer amount of freedom you have in this game. This game essentially made me switch to the PC it is that good. (Not implying that the PC is in any way inferior...just a personal move)

ALready, DICE have put soo much work into the game and you know the experience is going to get better and better. The Back To Karkand maps are BRILLIANT and the improvements to the game keep on coming. It feels like a MMO without the monthly fees! Constant additions and fixes are always coming in due to the vocal and quite demanding BF fanbase like Commo-rose etc. This game is just brilliant.

I am buying this on the 360 as well just so I can play with more of my mates and I don't mind shelling a few extra £ on this.

A lot of work went into BF3 and it shoes.

For me personally, this is my GOTY and best multiplayer game of 2011.

Now just fix the bl00dy flashlights! My retinas are on the verge of imploding.