Is this the official Zelda timeline?

Supposedly the complete Zelda timeline has been shown inside the pages of the official artbook Hyrule Historia.

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Eamon2495d ago

Triple split timeline?

Haha, this is interesting.

fatstarr2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

ppl are going to work to figure this out, its plausible

and Im no zelda expert but there should be a dual split timeline from majoras mask. in time travel theory, there is the world that is destroyed and the world that is saved.

axisofweevils2495d ago

I think it is *some* of the timeline.
The Zelda series isn't finished yet - there's bound to be a few gaps which future games will fill in.

fatstarr2493d ago

So if this is the true Zelda time line (the 3 split theory). There should be a split between Majoras mask at 5-b... the new split would be 5-ba and 5-bb, A where link fails and the moon crashes and B when he succeeds to lead into Twilight Princess and 4 swords. So 5-ba should be the next Legend of Zelda: the aftermath of the moon falling.