Skyrim House Guide

There are five houses in Elder Scroll:Skyrim which a player can purchase.Houses are among one of the expensive purchase a player can make but it also provides a lot of benefits.A player can easily store his goods in the house,houses also provide security of his goods.Houses also include a bed which belongs to the player some food,an alchemy table and some other things.You can also furnish your house which allows you to add a bed room,an alchemy table,a kitchen,an alchemy lab,an enchantment lab and many other things.Bed provides a boost in health and stamina.Buying a house may require our hero to complete certain tasks and missions for the city’s Jarl or become the Thane of the city.

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sphinct2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I haven't purchased a house yet because I find purchasing one is unnecessary. Finishing any of the major questlines - the Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, etc... - typically results in a place to call your own in their respective hideouts/or campus. The Mage College quest in particular nets you incredible quarters and an amazing garden of ingredients...all for free.

I now have three places to store my things and sleep for the night from these quests. Saved me THOUSANDS of septims too!