Why “The Last of Us” is Being Over-Hyped

The Last of Us – A PS3 Exclusive is all we’ve been hearing and reading about ever since the Spike VGAs this year. Few days before the VGAs kick-started,this game was being promoted as ”a PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”. The game has been promoted by all the guys at Sony and Naughty Dog really well. The marketing strategy looks amazing. Most of you guys must be wondering why Sony’s been promoting the game so much already and why are there tons of articles and news stories about this game.

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christheredhead2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

The Last of Us is most definitely being over hyped. Mainly because Naughty Dog is the at the helm of a new IP.

They are a great developer, but I have seen absolutely nothing in terms of a game yet. I've already seen comments such as "this game is absolutely brilliant", "wow, naughty dog has done it again" etc. Without seeing anything, but a trailer, I don't know how one could draw those conclusions.

Hopefully they pull away from the Uncharted formula and give you a little more freedom and less constraints. The basis of the game is intriguing though, but that's really all we have to go by at this point.

DaveMan2590d ago

We don't need to hear anything about the game.

It's Naughty Dog. After Crash, Jak, and Uncharted we have 100% faith in them.

Call it blind passion, but they haven't let us down since 1997, so I don't see why they would start now.

christheredhead2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Im not one to be included when you mention "we" and "us". Crash and Jak were great, but I don't like Uncharted. I find the series way to restrictive for me and just not very fun at all. I played Uncharted and Uncharted 2 and didn't like either of them. Great series for mainstream gaming, but I don't enjoy it in the least bit.

Its not about being let down though. I just can't claim something that I dont see. A trailer does not equal a game.

I'll wait to see gameplay before I pass judgement and get pulled into the hype. Although, if it plays out similar to Uncharted, I will most likely be passing it up.

RedDead2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Hmm, I don't like Uncharted as much as most people as well, but it's still a great game imo, Just a little overrated. Crash and Dax were great. One thing i'm sure of is the last of us will be enjoyable, unless ND suddenly turn to **** (not likely)

morganfell2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

One of the things missing from 99.99% of gaming previews and reviews is an understanding of the tastes and likes of the demographics.

Simply put, most pretend game journalists are dullards with the perception of a two by four.

Prior to the launch of a game, quite a few articles are written that are in fact previews. They may not use the name preview but they are a preview none the less.

Or at least they should be.

Instead, what we usually read are nothing more than an opinion piece or more often still, a diatribe consisting of what a particular person likes or doesn't like.

Seriously, I could care less what some adolescent with zero insight and narrow minded views likes or dislikes. What is this, Tiger Teen magazine?

Previews, and bear in mind articles that provide advance information about an unreleased title are indeed a preview of sorts, should be written broad based with the games demographic and general public in mind. Instead most of these imbecilic writers tailor the article as if it is written for themselves. Ego much?

Of course the previous statements are dependent upon the idea a site purports itself to be an objective entity and not the me, me, me web presence of a self promoter.

On a side note, when gamingsquid learns how to use a simple tool called a spell check I will give them a second look.

Also, people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Persons and entities which in the past have participated in hype and then write an article attacking this practice are little more than hypocrites. Personally I find nothing wrong with hype but if you are going to enjoin in such practices you forfeit the right to attack them when they concern a title which you do not like.

Diver2590d ago

Why “The Last of Us” is Being Over-Hyped

so this dud is saying that some titles can be under hyped. hes also saying that there must be a just right amount of hype. i guess hes the one that gets appointed to the throne to decide that. this articles bs.

Biggest2590d ago

I wonder who does the over hyping. Could it be the many random gaming "journalists" who don't know how to keep things in perspective?

GribbleGrunger2590d ago

the thing is though, it's not being over-hyped. ND has shown a video and everyone is excited because we all know that ND are the greatest dev team out there. it's excitement, not over-hyping

--Onilink--2590d ago

well i guess the diference is in the type of comments. Take for example Zelda, every Zelda fan knows how much care and attention goes into each game so we know the next game will be great, but that doesnt mean that all of us were saying the game looks amazing after they showed a picture of link ,like its happening with this game when we have seen basically nothing.

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NAGNEWS2590d ago

will destroy everything

SuperLupe2590d ago


And call me crazy but there was nothing in that trailer that got me even remotly excited. Just felt like I was watching a trailer for a film or game I've already played too many times in the past.

ksense2590d ago

yep that's what it feels like when you don't have a ps3.

SuperLupe2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Wow o_O

No thats how it feels when you have a free mind, spirit and opinion.

@below: which graphics ?
It was all CGI using the games engine so unless you work at ND nobody has seen what the game looks like.

Bereaver2590d ago

You didn't find the graphics compelling?

mandf2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

This is my farewell to N4G. I have read 50 to 500 pages on this site everyday since 2006. The standards of today don't cut it for me. I love to read. I believe this was the best site for video games news bar none since 2006. You could find everything here and I mean anything. Neogaf was for techies and we were for news and a ton of it. I don't totally blame N4G. I blame the worthless blogs and unethical behavior of false slander and bs that goes on.

We read more negative news everyday. If games are getting 8's to 10's on average. There are a lot of clunkers too. Why are all we reading today is news tearing games down. Now there is news but damn enjoy your games no matter what you play on. Where are the articles on tech and game engines and other worthy educating thing s. Does it have to be too short, fetch quest, linear, sub-hd, evil corparation, lies, false announcements, less grass, all the time. What happen to journalism? Half the article today are responses of garbage of other sites.

I tell gamers on this site demand better of sites we visit from here. I challenge gamers here to be less spiteful of the less educated and often ill informed individuals. Aren't you guys bored of not really learning about what we love. I want news. We all play games. So what if I think LittleBigPlanet is the best game ever made. If you think Too Human or Singularity or Super Mario 3 is the best ever I can't argue with your choice. It's yours whether I like the game or not. Why do we argue so much with snide or often oppressive remarks? We don't talk about levels or moments that left a mark on us.

That brings me to the article. Naughty Dog didn't create all the hype. The media and all us gamers did. So what if people are excited for a new Ip from a top notch developer. Does that mean some blog gets to question the minds of people for their personal hype and interest of said game? There is no such thing as overhyping a game. Sure some games don't live up to the hype for some of us, but it is wrong for a alleged professional media outlet to purposely insult or allege things in negative light. What are you the national inquire?

For N4G the site. I enjoyed 5 wonderful years with you and wish you best of luck. I'm bored and tired of reading constant negativity by the media and blogs. You guys where once better than this. I know I made you a lot of money by all my reading of pages here. I hope the industry becomes more tolerant of each other and not always feel like it's competition. I hope standards in reviews evolve to a higher standard. I hope users start respecting each other more and learning from one and another. All these things will greatly help your site to be better in the future.

Peace best of luck N4G!!

r212590d ago

farewell man, i just joined n4g for a year now.

GribbleGrunger2590d ago

yeah, i've only been on here for a few months and i'm already feeling what you've said. it creeps under your skin and if you're not careful you find yourself caught up in it.

Ducky2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

"Does that mean some blog gets to question the minds of people for their personal hype and interest of said game?"

Did you even read the article? O.o
Asside from labelling TLOU as 'over-hyped', there isn't a lot of negativity in it... and it was only called 'over-hyped' because that's what some are calling it.

The article isn't attacking TLOU, but rather, it is defending the hype and tries to explain (briefly) why people are excited for the game.

I get what you're trying to say... but this article isn't exactly doing the things you are upset about.

nix2590d ago

You just need to learn how to avoid crappy stupid news. Otherwise it's still a great source for gaming news.

I've been here since PS3 launch days.. It was reallllly bad. This is like a walk in the park compared to those days.

But yeah, I agree with you. My rate of comment has drastically come down to 4 comments a month. So much negativity in gaming journalism.

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DaveMan2590d ago

I really don't see how this game is being overhyped. There has been one trailer, and one "preview for the press" that has brought us all these articles.

Though with that said, I still think people have the right to be hyped or even overhyped. It's a new naughty dog game that looks a hulleva interesting. Why shouldn't we be hyped to the moon about it?

andibandit2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Right on my lemming brother !

This is the greatest game ever made!!.

Day -5 for me.

CGI-Quality2590d ago

Agree 100%. Besides, if people think something is "over-hyped", that's their opinion, and they can/should avoid the topic in question. Meanwhile, everybody else is entitled to the opinion that hyping the game is all good.

DaveMan2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )


I see. Well, that sucks you don't like Uncharted. But I know millions of fans who do. While Uncharted might not be your "cup of tea", it's still one of the best series this generation.

Naughty Dog has never made a bad game over there 9+ outings. They might not be your cup of tea, but there still damn good games. So personally, I'll believe that Naughty Dog will deliver without hearing a ounce of news or gameplay footage. Simply because there Naughty Dog.

kevnb2590d ago

disagrees? Im surprised, and I always thought the uncharted games were a little overated.

Tarantino_Life2590d ago

No they are not over -rated. They deliver( esp UC1 / 2) what they set out to achieve in the first place.. Pulp action summer blockbuster adventure unlike any other game and with some of the snappiest charismatic writing you will ever see in gaming...

Convas2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It is being overhyped. There are already people calling it the potential GOTY 2012.

And then these same people wonder why certain games get treated a certain way. It's because of the ridiculous amount hype you put on them. And when they fail to live up to gigantic Second Coming expectations built up by you guys, you complain about the "hate" and the "bias".

Naughty Dog is not a perfect studio, there's no such thing. To say we should have blind faith and believe that the game will the be the greatest thing ever simply because it's from them is absolute foolishness.

There's a difference between healthy fan anticipation and blind, reckless hype-rolling.

ilovemyps32590d ago

If there is a studio I will buy all games day one,without reading a single review,It's naughty dog and Santa Monica ,the guys who made god of war 3. Those 2 studios are incredible,and only a fanboy would say naughty dog isn't an excellent studio.they master the ps3 like no other,gears of war engine wouldn't be enough powerful to make uncharted 1,let alone 2 or 3.
I would pre order uncharted 4 and 5 and 6 and a god of war 4 or 5 or 6 today,if I could.
So thanks,naughty dog,for making such a great game.whenever I open the box and insert the disk into my ps3,I know the next 10-15 hours are going to be magical.again,big THANKS.

BlmThug2590d ago

The really bad thing about overhyping is if the product doesnt live up to the consumers expectations, then all hell breaks loose. Look at Dead Island, people bought it and they despised the game.

Zynga2590d ago

Basically all I understood was that you only play graphics and graphics only. So many great developers out there that deserve a chance with quality games.

Biggest2590d ago

Clizzz, you sound like a gaming "journalist" right now. Who said Naughty Dog was perfect? Who said ANY studio was perfect? You should have blind faith in them because of their track record, not their perfection. It's how the world works. When excellence is delivered all the time, you expect it. Why would anyone think that "The Last of Us" has a chance to be GotY in 2012? Because every game that Naughty Dog has released in this current generation has had a chance to be GotY. Games are treated the way they are treated because of the attitudes of the treaters. Some people expect greatness because they've been given greatness. Some people downplay greatness because they're upset at greatness. Games don't fail because of the hype. Gamers and "journalists" fail because they buy into the hype one way or the other.

I will stop believing in Naughty Dog's ability to make games when they prove that they can't make incredible games.

ilovemyps32589d ago

about the last of us, i know they will release an excellent game. maybe not goty content, but, at least, it will be a great great game. story will be cool, and graphics, give me uncharted 2-3 like graphics, i'll be really happy.blind faith ? yeah, for sure.

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Kran2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Of course its being overhyped.

It's PS3.

It's Naughty Dog.

It's something N4G users love.

(Mind the offence, but its true ;P)

Baka-akaB2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

If they had at least one failure among their titles , you guys could have an argument there .

But the fact remains , ND has delivering constantly since the ps1 without any hint of the quality dropping . That's something even non fans of their ips gotta acknowledge a bit .

Why would people suddenly assume otherwise ?

It's one of those rare truly above the fold studios , like Blizzard or Kojima studios , most of Nintendo and a few i probably forgot .

If they do fail some day in the future , well sh*t happens , sh*tstorm will probably ensue , but till then , no reason whatsoever to be wary or suspicious .

BrutallyBlunt2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

This is actually partially true. Sony fanboys are the most vocal. Go to any game forum and there they are. It's also no secret N4G has turned into a haven for them which is why i don't comment on the forums very much. I have a Playstation 3, i use it all the time and think it's a great system but many are just too fanatical for me. Can one not just enjoy the system without the community looking like idiots who try and come across as being elitists? I'm not sure any more.

The Last of Us looks very interesting. However it's just a teaser with no actual gameplay. It is also likely to be extremely linear at the cost of bringing great graphics to the hardware. The Uncharted series is a great action-adventure that plays like a big blockbuster movie, but it's designed to be played as Naughty Dog intended. Meaning the game holds the players hands all the way. I still find the controls clunky and way too much shooting going on which makes it even more apparent. It's still a great game but it's less of an actual game and more of a experience. The Last of Us will be even more linear and will have even more cutscenes that intertwine within the actual gameplay. Think of Heavy Rain where the gamer has even less control than what Uncharted provides. Again this is to give the consumer the best visual experience and to create the atmosphere Naughty Dog wants. They know visuals sell and they are also masters of tricking the gamer into thinking they actually have more freedom and more control than they really do.

Anyone who thinks The Last of Us will be out in 2012 is very naive as well. This has been Sony's marketing from the beginning, showing us early teasers in hopes hype will carry it through.

2590d ago
BrutallyBlunt2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )


maybe you should actually follow the developments of what Naughty Dog has said about the game instead of spamming your keyboard with disagrees.

They have mentioned many times they want a story driven game based on experience and to do that you need to create an environment that is linear. Uncharted was already linear and they already had many cutscenes that try and blend gameplay with pre-rendered video. The Last of Us will go even further and become even less of an actual game and more of an experience.

Want to see contradictions, look at the authors list of reasons. #2 and #5 totally contradict themselves.

Naughty Dog has earned the right to have it's games hyped. What i am talking about is the desperate attempt from the so called hardcore Playstation 3 community who seem to appear EVERYWHERE. They are a desperate group who's more on promoting a company than actually enjoying the games they provide.

ilovemyps32590d ago

The way you talk and criticise naugthy dog and the way uncharted games are done,you look more of a halo player.
Uncharted games are done so you feel like an hero,they have a cool story,so cutcenes are needed and welcome.they provide us a great story (uncharted 2 was amazing),I prefer it beeing a bit linear and have great graphics,than an open world with 1000 square km,with ugly textures and shitty graphics. For me and for the million fans,naughty dog did it RIGHT.and games are magical moments.they make us dream,laugh,cry.if people feel happy about the last of us,and they look like kids who will get THAT present,where is the problem? Overhyped or not,just let people dream the way they want!
Now,go back and play halo,we will call you whenever the last of us gets the first 10 out of 10 review.

DigitalAnalog2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

"The Last of Us will be even more linear and will have even more cutscenes that intertwine within the actual gameplay."

Taken from

It will be a game less linear than Uncharted, with exploration elements.

I guess there shows a difference between someone with a very strong "opinion" and a statement directly from the horses "mouth". Jak and Daxter were open-world games so the idea should not be foreign as you desperately try to make it be.

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