The Skyrim disaster timeline

Here's the full history of Skyrim's buggy life, from glitches to patches to awards. When you see it all collected together it's even more incredible...

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bobrea2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

It must be next to unplayable on consoles with how many doom and gloom articles I see on this site. I'm playing on PC and I have my game all modded out, and I barely see any bugs. Once in a while I see some clipping here and there or some bad AI, but all the articles I see on this site make it seem like the game is unplayable.

All of that being said, I hope they NEVER fix the bug where people fly in the air after being hit by giants. It's too funny.

undercovrr2546d ago

I am also playing the game on PC and are having no lag problems (but there are many broken quests). The key word though is "PC". My friend has the game on ps3 and is reporting similar problems to what the article has been talking about. Its good for us pc players, it sucks for PS3 players who Bethesda keep giving the short end of the stick to.

FCOLitsjustagame2546d ago

I play on the console and have had very few issues.

baboom2232546d ago

Ikr?? I see articles like this that say A lot of people are experiencing it but I don't know anyone who has..

theonlylolking2546d ago

They need to make it so that the game does not have so much screen tearing when you are in a dungeon where there is water. It happens ALL of the time.

I play on the 360 version BTW

slugg2546d ago

That is mostly just a PS3 issue; I play Skyrim on my 360 and have had only one freeze in 100+ hours, no lag, no broken quests. A game designed on PC that works ok on PC and 360, but not so much on PS3 due to the "different" architecture of the system-- same reason a lot of other multi-platform games seem to work better on 360. At this point in the 360/PS3's lifecycle, though, there is no excuse for such a disparity in performance-- this can't be blamed on Sony. Bethesda should have spent more time porting and testing the PS3 version, or delayed its release. This is on them.

Jdoki2546d ago

The sad thing is you're probably just speculating and haven't even played / seen the PS3 version.

I've been playing Skyrim on PS3 since day 1. The lag after extended periods was awful to begin with, but the patch sorted that out 99% of the time. I'm almost 70 hours in and have only had 1 quest bugged (fixed with a reload) and a couple of other minor issues. Not a single freeze.

All versions have, or have had, their problems. I guess you missed the high quality texture issue on 360 then?

baboom2232546d ago

Idk.. I haven't experienced any real problems described in the article other then like minor things. neither have my friends.