2011′s Worst Things In Gaming

Play Mag: What’s the worst thing to happen to gaming this year? Online passes and the increasing prevalence of ridiculous, take-the-piss DLC. That’s all I should have to write, really, but I suppose backing up your opinions with more words is how we’re supposed to do this – so here we go.

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ZombieAssassin2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

From Article "But nothing has been worse, more irksome or harmful for gamers this year than online passes. Horrible, stupid, gouging techniques invented for no reason other than to limit player choice and force them into paying more for something they’ve already paid for."

I'd like to highlight the part that says " force them into paying more for something they’ve already paid for", why don't they complain about that when paying for XBL? No I'm not trolling I just don't get why the double standards when it comes to things like this because at least you can buy a game new and bypass these "horrible, stupid, gouging techniques".

I'm sure I'll be labeled a Sony fanboy for saying that but whatever I'm not I just don't get the double standards.

Gotta agree with the DLC scams though very few actually seem like they're worth the money. Also the "online-passes" for single players games are just a big slap in the face considering they're not even online.