BestBuy Offers 30+ Video Games for $4.99 Shipped Today

"Today, choose from over 30 video games for $4.99 with Free shipping at BestBuy!

Titles include:

Top Spin 4 - $4.99
Rapala Bass Fishing with Rod & Reel - $4.99
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End - $4.99
Motorstorm Apocaplyse - $4.99
Plus More!"

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B_Rian892494d ago

Motorstorm for $5 is a steal. Its a great game

himdeel2494d ago

Ack none of the games I want are available anywhere...I'll have to check back later.

sashimi2494d ago

I tried buying it last night...unavailable for shipping or store-pick /sigh these sales are so...useless i swear

Rynx2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

How the hell is Motorstorm not available for in store pick up on ANY Best Buy in the NYC area! What kind of joke is this?

SnakePlissken2494d ago

Yea, i just went through a little shit over here at my local Best Buy store. I called them up and said how can it be possible for all your stores to say that this game is unavailable? They went and looked and they had them there!

Then they tell me that its $60 and if i want it for $5 i have to order online and choose instore pickup. How can i do that when it says all your stores dont carry it, but yet you do? You guys need to update your website or something!

Ok, we will enter it in our system and then you go ahead and add it to your cart and we will hold the game here for you to pick up. Alright, tried for about 45minutes, still not available. Call them back and tell them it didnt work, still says unavailable.

Alright...whats your info and we will enter it for you. They tried and couldnt even do it themselves. Let me go talk to my manager. After ages of aggravation and stupidity, she comes back on the phone and says, just come in and well match the price for you.

After telling me in the first place that they cannot match their own online price! Lesson to be learned...stay away from Best Buy!!! Ended up getting it for $5 after all the havoc they caused. She also said loads of people were calling them asking about Motorstorm. You just have to push them a bit!

Undeadwolfy2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

^ I salute you Snake for the amount of shit you were willing to put yourself through and to successfully come home with Motorstorm. Take notes guys. ^^

eldeladi2494d ago

You make it sound like it's so hard. I knew something was off when most stores showed unavailable. I called them and had them look for it, they found one and held it for me. I went there then brought up the online price for them to match. She had to get manager permission then was able to ring me up.
Then she told me you better play the shit out of it for $5.
Went to look for another deal and bought the bass game with the kit for $5 for a friend's kids. When she saw me again she said look at you working the system today.

MrBeatdown2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


Best Buy is a great place for deals, but they have so many policies about price matching that most employees are clueless about at least some aspect of it. I've gotten the runaround from them as well.

As long as you know the policies and can prove it by telling them where to look on their site, you can make a killing at Best Buy. Sometimes their stupidity even works out in your favor. For example, I bought MotorStorm when it released. I used $25 in Reward Zone certificates and $35 cash. The price dropped to $45 a week later so I went in to get the $15 difference back. Instead of just refunding me the difference, they processed it as a return and rebuy, and basically charged me $20 cash. What they (and I) didn't realize was that they accidentally refunded me my $25 in Reward Zone certificates on top of the $15. Cost me $20 total for the game during release week.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get War For Cybertron for PS3 shipped for $5. I've been wanting that one for a while so I'm pretty damn happy with that.

mugoldeneagle032493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

And it's all based on current inventory, they don't send us additional shipments of the games going on sale or anything.

Plus they're whole inventory thing is fucked up as it is. We'll get 400 copies of MW3 but 2-3 copies of GT5. I'd be shocked if most stores had more than 1 copy of MS Apocalypse

Best bet on this one was to luck out and get it online before it sold out. Sorry :(

EDIT: To pretty much everyone else in this thread, we price match ANYTHING that is in the stores (Target, Walmart) and not online only. The only thing management (I say this because that's who has the final say in what does/doesn't get price matched) tends not to price match is online only retailers like Amazon, but we price match more in the holidays so we (my store and myself) have done that a lot.

We ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS price match unless its an Online Only price or an Outlet Center item. Either your lying or you were dealing with the dumbest Best Buy management ever. Sorry for the problem if the story is the legit.

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showtimefolks2494d ago

motorstorm 4.99
fear 3 4.99
top spin 4 4.99
singularity 4.99

dead space 2 pc 4.99

and picked up wwe 12 for 29.99 now that's how you put on a sale.

I have really ready mixed reviews about WWE 12 so i am not sure if i will keep that but i do plan on keeping everything else and motorstrom for 4.99 to sya its a steal isn't a fair i mean its like getting it for free yet paying 4.99 lol

i was gonna buy motorstorm around blackfriday for around 30 bucks glad i waited

also gamefly put on their end of year sale and man was it disappointing to say the least their weekly sales have better prices

i am telling you become a member at its worth it and free and you will never miss great deals

rayzorn2494d ago

i love cag man. its like my morning cup of coffee. i gotta go on to see the deal of the day.

the only complaint i have with cag is i keep on buying games when i already have a hug back log of games. how am i ever gonna catch up. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

but i got 3 games for under 15 today, and i woulda gladly paid 30 just for motorstorm alone.

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klecser2494d ago

Madden 3DS didn't get great 40 bucks. For five, I'll take it.

remanutd552494d ago

motorstorm apocalypse at $4.99 ? what ???? oh my , thats a steal for sure

ginsunuva2494d ago

Got motorstorm. You all should.

topgeareasy2494d ago

why didn't best buy uk get any of these (types of deals)

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