Syndicate Developer’s Response to Refused Classification in Australia

As you may of heard earlier this week, Starbreeze Studios’ upcoming game Syndicate has been refused classification in Australia, effectively banning the retail sale of the game in the country as Australia does not currently have an R18+ classification for video games. The developers have since responded to the decision by Australian Classification Board in an official statement...

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masterabbott2495d ago

Its a video game .. why do these idiots have to do this.. all they have to do is allow 18+ and then GROWN UPS with ID's will be allowed to buy the game, why dont they do this with movies ? The government allow parents to watch scary and gory movies with their kids but then when it comes to video games its not allowed. This country really needs to GROW UP

ironfist922495d ago

I hope this doesnt affect us kiwi gamers!

coaidant2495d ago

Ah that's the thing, New Zealand has a R18+ rating and Australia doesn't

ironfist922495d ago

I know, but last time, GTA4 got censored in both countries because of australia.

moosekebabs2495d ago

Another stupid decision. Yay Australia! Parents aren't responsible for their kids anymore and retailers can sell games to whoever they like regardless of rating - that's the world according to them.