How To Play As Link In Skyrim

Have you ever wanted to play as Link in an Elder Scrolls game? Well now you can...sort of.

The "A Skyrim Link Armor" mod made by Handski takes some existing pieces of clothing in the game world, changes them and adds a Hylian Shield and a Master Sword.

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zeal0us2495d ago

Look better than that other Link mod....old wrinkly link still haunts my mind.

ElementX2494d ago

We don't need articles for every mod that comes out.

cjflora2494d ago

The internet is full of information that you are not forced to look at. Calm down buddy.

aPerson2494d ago

"Calm down buddy"

He seemed pretty calm to me.

I happen to agree with him too. These articles are getting annoying. We don't need a link (pun not intended) to every single new mod released.

MariaHelFutura2494d ago

Whoa..whoa...everyone calm down...


brettyd2494d ago

Link is a sissy mary..

imbrawler2494d ago

this would be awesome if Nintendo made a Zelda game like skyrim

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The story is too old to be commented.