Games in the Loo: What Would Freud Say?

Sigmund Freud was a little obsessed that we were a little obsessed with what goes on in the loo. I was mildly intrigued to see a company building games into men’s urinals. In many ways it’s a natural fit (ahem) to place a game into a space where not much else is going on other than uncomfortable silences. (Indeed it reminded me of this game that tests your knowledge of the ‘unspoken etiquette’ of the men’s urinals.) But the men’s is not the only place you can find (ahem) human waste related gaming. The loo is also the setting for a game that aims to be a bit of fun and show you what should (and should not) be flushed away…

Bag It & Bin It is an action puzzle game that sees you trying to help the good imp stop the naughty imp from throwing the wrong things down the loo and so into the sewer. It’s got a kids mode in (because young kids find toilet humour a blast) and is a free download for iPhone and iPad.

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