WWE '13 To Have Better "Create-An-Arena" Mode Than WWE '12

WWE '12 saw the debut of the all-new "Create-An-Mode". THQ has hinted next year's edition will be even better.

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2pacalypsenow2497d ago

only way its better is if we can create the actual stage i want to make the old Raw is war and ovaltron stages

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2497d ago

I want the classic Smackdown arena and Fist Arena. Still this feature will get better in the next one for sure just like their cut scene editor and what not.

GFahim2497d ago

how about actually changing the damn gameplay by atleats making it like no mercy or day of reckoning. i could already tell that wwe 13 is gonna suck as well. its such a damn shame that these same developers just dont realise how magic their wrestling gameplay was with the no mercy and DOR series that they havent even thought of implementing the same gameplay on their latest editions with hd graphics.

really frustrating man!

DeadlyFire2497d ago

I would take SVR 2006/2007 gameplay. It was great. Maybe not perfect like the old days, but it was the best for its time. 2008 changed gameplay to what it is now pretty much. Its kinda the same since then. No attempt at all to change it. 2012 I admit does try something, but its not really what I would call a change at all. Pinning/submission systems I am perfectly fine with in the game. I could care less how they change that. Its the grappling system that needs a damn good change. New animations are nice, but still.